PASTA is the theme of this edition
Edition 16
he main food of Italian cuisine, whose simplicity – flour, water and nothing else – goes back to our origins, to the land that produces the wheat and the generations of producers that grind, knead, draw and dry in order to offer passion on the tip of a fork to tables all around the world. PASTA is tradition, typicalness, conviviality, nourishment and creativity. It is home, of course, but it is also increasingly high cuisine. Taste will offer a special journey to discover the many experiences and facets of the world of pasta, and the names of some important pasta factories. The theme will also be presented with an installation at the entrance to the UNICREDIT TASTE ARENA; it will be the protagonist of some of the Taste Talk topics, and will also make an incursion into the Taste Rings curated by Davide Paolini.
Davide Paolini’s TASTE RINGs include:
_ Sunday 6 February
The revenge of dried pasta 

For years starred cuisine did not use dried pasta then suddenly there is a boom of spaghetti with tomato sauce and “alla cacio e pepe” (cheese and pepper sauce).
With the participation of: Andrea Cavalieri - Pasta Cavalieri, Alberto Zampino - Pasta Gentile, together with chefs Igles Corelli, Fulvio Pierangelini and Vito Mollica.
_Pasta Couture / Hot Cotture
The meaning of fashion for pasta 

Words and images about the mutual fascination between pasta and fashion, from esthetics to eros and taste.

_This is the pasta women are made from!
Generations, foods, cultures, latitudes compared.  With the participation of a Marietta from Casa Artusi; Xin Ge Liu from Il Gusto Xinge Dim Sum; Matilde Pettini from Dalla Lola.