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Baracuta, the iconic style of English culture
Edition 100
New colors and new materials for the cult items of the historic brand of British apparel
London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Milan. These are the cities dear to Baracuta – one of the historic brands of British apparel that is owned by W.P. Lavori in Corso – inspiring the new colors proposed for the iconic G9 Harrington Jacket, produced in England since 1937, with Fraser Tartan lining in breathable Coolmax® fabric. Well loved (and worn) by Elvis Presley, James Dean, Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen, for the coming spring 2022, it is colored by the nuances of cornflower, caramel, and nude all the way up to the extremely vivid shade of tangerine.
In addition to a new chromatic palette, among the novelties of the collection are also the Linen G9 and G4 jackets, two extremely fresh travelling companions that combine quality and sartorial research, which come available in micro-check frisé in pastel tones. 
Completing the look is the Baracuta Ivy League line made up by tricot cotton knitwear, sweatshirts, and accessories inspired by American university campuses, with a palette that reinterprets the classic check pattern through the modular study of new summer colors like pop-lime, Isabella and cobalt.
The summer season also inaugurates the Baracuta Pro-label dedicated to Upcycling. “My personal definition of Upcycling is very similar to the by now extremely in vogue term on which Baracuta has been working for more than three years, which is based on renewing something commonplace from the past and transforming it into a new creation, which is useful, beautiful, creative and better than the original”, explains Luigi Bucci, Brand Manager at W.P. Lavori in Corso.
The rediscovery of archive materials and the determination to give new life to fabrics has always characterized the continuous efforts of the brand that dedicates the Zero Waste label to the creation of a jacket collection, with fabrics derived from previous productions, which are then upcycled and given new life.