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Paoloni, easywear elegance and archive garments
Edition 100
The new collection of the brand replies to the emerging flexible lifestyle, where work and free time coexist without any problems. The result is the debut of the Manuel Ritz Rirò line, a capsule collection that speaks of archive garments presented in a contemporary scope.
Comfortable and relaxed silhouettes. More comfy clothing, whether it’s casual or more sartorial, without however turning its back on a return to formality and elegance. The new Paoloni collection starts from this new inspiration in replying to the new needs of life that are increasingly closing the gap between work and leisure time. 
Thus, a bona fide easywear line is launched, made up by washed clothes, wash and wear next to those piece-dyed and made from cotton poplin and cotton linen, but also printed or garment dyed jersey clothes, all made with unlined, deconstructed jackets. The trousers are extremely comfortable: with deep pleats, wide hems, baggy cargos, drawstring pants in wool canvas made in multiple versions, and fleece trousers, all completely stretch and comfortable to wear. All this is joined by a brand new arrival in Paoloni: denim. Developed in 3 versions, from the traditional 5-pocket, to bull denim with American pockets.
Next to the more informal version of masculine elegance, returns the desire to dress well; and so, the most elegant suit can be downplayed by using cotton linen fabric blends, materials with a chambray look, pinstripes, seersucker fabrics, solaro herringbone, and shaded glen check. The most formal jackets are unlined and treated with irony, with a preference for textured materials and a strong return to colors like pink, salmon, yellows, greens, often matched with one another to create unusual nuances, or broken up with brown, beige tones, and cream colors. Other must-haves include blue, sand, and sky blues on seersucker fabrics, in stripes, or on bajadeira stripes, almost creating a pajama-like effect, where the jackets are often matched with pleated or drawstring trousers.
Brand new this season are the proposals in “leather”: from the easy short jacket in sage green suede, to the classic "motom" in lightweight and premium nappa. These are joined by items made from fleece: crewnecks and hoodies, but also a pair of sweatpants, a Bermuda with large pockets, all proposed in a cream color, with details that are extremely softy, but never too casual. 
The Black Label, a capsule collection dedicated to soirée and special occasions, expresses itself with suits and pieces from the men’s classic wardrobe, and in addition to blue, white, or black, it also includes a biscuit color; on unusual fabrics like linen. 
At the same time, there is the debut of the Manuel Ritz Rirò line; the denim & co line of Manuel Ritz, which takes its name from the unforgettable original brand that was first founded in the 70’s. The capsule collection, like a madeleine, brings to mind the archive items of the brand in a contemporary scope. Washed jackets and shirts, shirts and military field jackets, sweatshirts and t-shirts, but above all lots of denim.  
There is a wide variety of jeans: from chino to five-pocket, with different washings and fits. Embroideries, leather labels and prints on t-shirts and sweatshirts, re-propose original traditional graphics, launching a message that sums up the strength of timeless things. Completing the collection is Eco-Logico, the first completely eco-friendly Capsule Collection. It is made up by four items: the trucker jacket with over wearability, the double pleated trouser, the fatigue pant, and finally a T-shirt, all in recycled cotton or certified organic cotton. The buttons, thread, and labeling are entirely made from recycled materials. The entire capsule collection is monochromatic, almost as if it were proclaiming its pure intentions. 
Completing the spring-summer collection are easy-to-wear garments with a fresh urban aesthetic, where performance and elegance meet up and are colored with vivid nuances in a perfect Manuel Ritz style, which is increasingly a mouthpiece for powerful colors capable of standing out from the simplicity of the lines.
Athletic clothes blend with outerwear to create formal hybrids. Suits, shirt jackets, jackets in printed jersey, drawstring trousers, shorts, and sneakers: these are the protagonists of the season. 
Jersey, micro retro geometric motifs, and nostalgic floral patterns, for a cut and paste between modernity and tradition. The chromatic palette knows how to be bold, but also harmonious with colors that range from cornflower blue to wisteria, from urban red to camel, and from orange to aqua green.