Amedeo Testoni, heritage reread in a modern key
Edition 100
The collection presented at Pitti Uomo presents a historical excursus of the brand’s values between minimalism, craftsmanship, and design. Plus, it announces its new collaboration with the Totem Automobili brand.
It’s a special collection for Amedeo Testoni, the one dedicated to spring-summer 2022, which was presented at Pitti. It is in fact the first collection that the Italian brand presents under the new guise that was created following the brand’s rebranding. Just like in a historical excursus, the line presents a snapshot of the heritage and values of the brand. 
The inspiration arrives from the works of two Italian artists known on an international level: the painter Giorgio Morandi, known for his still life and landscape paintings, depicting the simplicity of daily life through light pastel tones; and Luigi Ghirri, photographer from the province of Reggio-Emilia, who shared the very same values of minimalism, purity, and simplicity with Morandi.  
If the aesthetic references of the two artists are not new to the 92 years of history of the Amedeo Testoni brand, their delicate and sophisticated tones, and simplistic lines have inspired the color palette and design of the new collection. 
The sensitivity of these two artists and their attention to details reflect the same dedication of Amedeo Testoni to craftsmanship and the essence of a timeless design. Like the iconic patterns of the brand: Interlocking T, Hexagon, and Neverending T, which transmit the idea of geometric purity and clean design.
In the meantime, at Pitti, and together with Totem Automobili, the brand will present an exclusive capsule collection that includes a travel bag, driver’s gloves, sneakers, and driver moccasins. This collaboration perfectly embodies the values shared by the two brands: a combination of tradition and innovation that takes the best of the past to define a modern concept through new technologies.
Totem Automobili is an Italian start-up founded in 2018 by the designer of automobiles, Riccardo Quaggio. A zero-emissions future guided him in the creation of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA. His aim was that of renewing the design, while preserving the iconic soul, exalting the craftsmanship of every component and introducing advanced technologies into the electric motor. The result is an exclusive luxury car that takes on the name of Totem GT Electric.