Walk Through:
Accessories Upgrade
Edition 100
Tied by a unified style story, Walk Through is a themed focus on key pieces from brands exhibiting on Pitti Connect’s digital platform.

This season’s inaugural Walk Through focuses on the renaissance of the menswear accessory as a statement piece, soaked in a conscious philosophy of environmental awareness. Accessories have long been a subtle and accessible way of joining into a brand’s ethos and mystique — however small or discreet, they will never escape the attentive eye of a luxury aficionado. 

In the wake of lockdown, but also in tandem with the ecological concerns facing the world as we know it, sartorial style has taken on different meanings. Even if seasonal, purchases no longer need be relegated to a temporary window of permissible use. Instead, garments and particularly accessories are now banking on quality, timelessness, and endurance — they need to stand the test of time. As part of our first selection of brands, we list most elegantly fusing the lasting, sustainable quality of traditional savoir-faire with a desire to accommodate the needs, taste, and ethical responsibility of the contemporary lifestyle. 

Launched in 2013, 24Bottles emerged from a desire to reduce the drastic environmental impact of reusable plastic bottles whilst imagining an alternative that is at once sustainable in production, lasting in quality, and sleek in design. Designed using a wide range of elegant stainless steel, the bottles are reusable and aesthetically adaptable to all styles, as well as lightweight and practical. 24Bottles is an active participant in projects of reforestation, and support of rural communities around the 65 countries in which they operate — if you ever wondered how to hydrate and help the planet in style, look no further. 

The Italian brand Felisi’s core philosophy is one of change, evolution, and uncompromising substance. Founded in Ferrara in 1973, Felisi’s bags and belts have secured a safe spot amid Italian accessory design’s crème de la crème. “When we think of a bag, we like to think of all the adventures, the situations, and the encounters it will witness,” says CEO Annalisa Felloni.  “We like to think of who will wear it and how it will change over time.” A trusty, elegant companion with a chameleonic, contemporary and sustainable essence: such are the aesthetic mantras behind Felisi’s accessory lines. 
FPM Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

An acronym for Fabrica Pelleterie Milano, FPM has, since 1946, been a reference point in the realm of leather goods and luggage. Their designs harmoniously reconcile a love of beauty in craftsmanship, and functionality to espouse the lifestyle of the modern traveler. 
DORIA 1905

Doria 1905 is a global authority in handcrafted headwear Made in Italy and utilizes its century-old, sophisticated sartorial know-how to both preserve the beauty of tradition and make it exciting for the contemporary eye. It pairs emblematic models such as the fedora, trilby, or beret with a humorous touch that speaks to the present, for a result worthy of its motto: handmade passion.

With laboratories in Italy, Europe, and the US as well as its native Japan, the Tokyo-based accessory brand Kunei is rooted in a purist approach to accessories molded by simplicity, poise, and quality. From the restrained color palette to the extreme intricacy of its craftsmanship, the brand fittingly finds its origin in the Japanese concept of “Iki” (chic, stylish). 

The Leathersmith of London brand has been a figurehead of high-quality stationery for nearly two centuries. The painstaking British craftsmanship has cemented a sturdy reputation, evidently well-deserved when glancing at the fine leather bookbinding of its notebooks, planners, address books, and work accessories — all made using sustainably sourced paper. 

Simple. To the point. So goes the maxim subsuming the aesthetic values behind the production of German brand Legendär’s famed line of leather, work, and lifestyle accessories. A modern-day classic, the brand designs a range of objects made for daily usage, whilst meticulously ensuring they are a delight to all senses. From its brass stationery to folders and scents, simplicity and luxury go hand in hand in the Legendär rulebook. 

TBD Eyewear was born out of a desire to impart the beauty, endurance, and style of Italian craftsmanship onto the world by way of an essential everyday accessory: eyeglasses. Over the last year, the modus operandi has remained the same, but priorities shifted, and the brand was quick to champion renewable and sustainable alternatives to previously entrenched modes of production. Made using bio acetate, a material 100% biodegradable and recyclable, the products are as appealing to the eye as they are gentle to the planet. 

The watch brand Unimatic pairs its affinity for the Italian quality standard, the nostalgic appeal of traditional craftsmanship, and the edge of contemporary design — all at an affordable price. Unfussy, pared-back, and uncompromising in its qualitative excellence, Unimatic’s designs will make sure you never lose track of time. 

Founded in 1958 by Japanese mountaineer Yukio Yamai, Snow Peak’s acclaimed outdoor apparel has always been intimately tied to a love and profound respect for nature, but they have recently garnered attention for their forward thinking yet stylish functional accessories. From tents and camping gear to sturdy climbing outerwear, the brand's accessories consistently celebrate a harmony with nature manifested as bold designs of the highest quality.
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