Walk Through:
Edition 100
Tied by a unified style story, Walk Through is a themed focus on key pieces from brands exhibiting on Pitti Connect’s digital platform.

Our Walk Through trend breakdown continues with a focus on another key sartorial narrative of the season: sportswear. Originally relegated to the realm of professional athletes, sportswear has known a slow and steady symbolic and cultural evolution over the past decades, becoming a staple in most contemporary urban wardrobes, first for its comfort factor, and then, progressively, for its versatile, buoyant and inspiring aesthetics. 

If lockdown has certainly not been the one boosting our mobility, it’s emboldened a craving for activity, movement, and comfort, all of which are distilled in this year’s menswear collections and can be frequently spotted amid Pitts’s SS22 exhibitors. We list our selection of our favorite designers merging casual and sporty, for the ultimate flexible, modern and modular look. 

Founded in 2015, as the creative brainchild of a multicultural design team hailing from Asia and Europe, Mod Wave Movement (or MWM) is a Spanish brand led by designer Mike Tao. 
Prizing quality before all else in the technically innovative design of their premium sportswear lines, MWM celebrates the beauty of movement by weaving it into a profound appreciation for elegant style, and flexibility catering to the whirlwind of urban life. 

Sleek, clean lines, quality, and pure comfort are the guiding principles of the Italian leisurewear label White Sand. Originating from the Romagna region, the brand creates simple, painstakingly crafted, and detail-geared wardrobe essentials for both men and women, intelligently blending timelessness with the edge of contemporaneity. 

Taking its name from the Tatra mountain chain located between Poland and Slovakia, Tatras is an outerwear label primarily specializing in the design and production of high-end down jackets combining the minimal, formal cleanliness of Japanese style with the quality of Italian craftsmanship and the rigor of the Polish goose staple production technique. Merging innovation, elegance, and practicality, each Tatras jacket is a guarantee of excellence. 

Founded in 1992 by a collective of young and bold skateboarders, the streetwear brand Element was born out of a desire to go against the grain, and infuse the values present in skateboarding culture to fashion and prophesy the future of ready-to-wear as sustainable, eco-friendly, globally translatable and unapologetically self-curated. 

A footwear brand focusing on elegance and function, Teva Original was born in 1984. At the core of its iconic sports sandal lies the idea of preventing a shoe from sliding downstream. As such, the brand emerged from a young kayak guide’s decision to detach the straps of a watch and apply them to a pair of old flip flops — to this day, this original anecdote conveying the practical thinking and innovative streak still do well at subsuming the label’s design philosophy. 

A cult British menswear label with roots dating back to 1963, Ben Sherman is synonymous with a quality, classic, modern yet timeless masculine style fusing casual and leisurewear with a sporty edge.

The Goodyear Eagle Carbon Collection debuting at this year’s Pitti Uomo fair flows from the expertise of the famed American tyre and rubber giant. Honoring the company’s lesser known history of ties to basketball, the collection of carbon footwear, sportswear and accessories has been made using state of the art technology and eco-friendly materials. 


Priya Ahluwalia founded her eponymous label in hopes of aesthetically translating her mixed heritage, sourcing inspiration in her London roots, as well as her Indian-Nigerian cultural background. The London-based brand resorts to responsible fabric sourcing and manufacturing techniques to revive vintage and headstock clothing and turn it into deeply imaginative and innovative garments for the contemporary man. 

Inspired by the Norwegian philosophy phrase ‘friluftsliv’ (open-air living), Icelandic-British design duo Arnar Mār Jonssōn and Luke Stevens launched a unique, minimalist outerwear label emulating the hues, texture, and feel of the Scandinavian outdoors. The London-based menswear brand specializes in transitional outerwear pieces designed to suit both the natural and urban environments. 

The team at the root of The New Originals (abbreviated to TNO) consists of an Amsterdam-based collective of trans-disciplinary creatives and artists aiming to design performance clothing for creatives — proudly brandishing the philosophy that creatives are the new athletes, TNO effectively condenses the best of Amsterdam street style and the functionality of classic sportswear. 
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