Edition 100
A path towards rebirth and the sharing of daily gestures. Urban elegance is combined with the search for regenerating sensations. It is a style that is both refined and relaxed, in which simplicity conveys messages of balance. The pleasure of getting dressed starts with the suit, to be reinvented in a fresh and relaxed way. The separate combinations add versatility for a formal day & night. If the blazers ensure stability, the softened volumes of the trousers renew the rules of fair play. And again, micro-patterns such as sticks, checks, and false plain dominate the shirts. Finally, the ultra-fine touch of knitwear with contrasting details infuses comfort vibes. Welcome to a timeless wardrobe, listening to the needs of the here and now.
A collection that celebrates themasculine and self-confident man of today. A clean urban style with attention to the perfect fit combined with a timeless design. The search for individuality, the passion for uncompromising quality combined with first-class craftsmanship are the brand's main characteristics, translated into a distinctive style and extreme comfort.
Tailoring tradition and craftsmanship to grow through research and technology. A sophisticated style, a timeless icon across fashion, highlighting made-in-Italy creativity. Excellence, precision, versatility, comfort, know-how are the Belvest core values. Focus on the choice of impalpable and precious fabrics, attention to detail, and continuous research. The capsule of slimmer silhouettes features a range including the unstructured and exclusive Jacketinthebox and basic pieces.
Carlo Pignatelli
The keyword is tailoring. A specific value and the authentic plus of Made in Italy mark the history of the brand. The goal is to re-read, reinvent and even revolutionize the concept of menswear in the light of a new lifestyle. Elegant, contemporary, like the new collection that reinterprets the staples of classic formalwear. Suitable for smart occasions, but also the new businessman.
Circolo 1901
Essentiality guides a modern outfit proposal, "easy but not simple". Declaring itself "Proudly Authentic,” the brand stands out for its unique, unconventional, sophisticated and easy-to-wear offering. The Easy Jacket, the style that started it all, is a printed and garment-dyed fleece jacket, perfect for any occasion, comfortable and versatile, requiring an accurate production process.
Giangi Napoli
A timeless yet innovative style that focuses on a very rich palette: from off white to indigo, from military green to mango, from neutrals to terracotta red. Hawaiian and all-over prints, fabrics with three-dimensional, textured effects, new concepts of denim, linen and jersey. All combined with wide shirts, Texan shirts, polo shirts, guru collars, vests and matchy beachwear
Gimo's Italiana
A proposal modeled on stylistic research and new materials. Leather alongside fabric together with the most up-to-date technical materials. For this reason, the Gimo's Tessuto line focuses on a rich choice of outerwear in fabric declined in models with a refined but easy-to-wear style. 
Guy Rover
Extraordinary creators of ideas. For those who can see beauty even in what is not seen. To make what appears ordinary special. Through colors and ideas transformed into products. Through a style that translates itself into clothes to wear and, above all, to live. Day after day.
London Badge & Button
Founded in 1973, London, Badge & Button company is known for its classic and contemporary collections of cufflinks, buttons, and accessories for men. Part of the prestigious Toye, Kenning & Spencer company, one of the oldest family businesses with the seal of approval of Queen Elizabeth II, it benefits from century-old expertise.


Olymp Signature
Men's shirts with subtle elegance, capable of offering uncompromising quality, evident in every detail. The naturalness of the fabrics is a key feature of every shirt. Innovative premium cotton fabrics, made with impalpable yarns, perfectly combine the quality of the material and comfort. Easy ironing and maintenance, too.
The classics of millinery art interpret modern needs of elegance and lightness. Conveyed through a rich range of colors and 100% Made in Italy, the hats are made with the highest quality materials certified and guaranteed to give breathability and waterproofness as well as an unbeatable duration over time.
Peserico Uomo
A rebirth that tastes like freedom and comfort. Technicality, lightness, and quality are essential requirements for the outfit of urban nomads or suburban gentlemen—an ideal bridge between natural and urban style. Soft and deconstructed volumes dominate the collections, associated with natural fibers with unexpected three-dimensional effects. And again, Havana sands is an overture on the notes of summer. Striped or color block patterns in a balanced mix meet the freshness of linen, linen-cotton and cotton crepe.
Silvio Fiorello
An accessories planet that celebrates creativity through unique designs and bold colors. From micro to macro patterns, the collection is dedicated to the contemporary gentleman who uses style as a form of expression. Ties, bow ties, scarves, boutonnieres, pocket handkerchiefs, and handmade ascots tell the know-how of the Sicilian atelier. Using Italian silks, these pieces are a tribute to the Italian tradition made of quality and artisan expertise.