Edition 100
A tribute to life. Colors and textures that smell of freedom and life outdoor. Technically advanced outerwear, inspired by contemporary dynamism. To be layered over tees in intense tones: blue and military green, striped patterns. Vitamin colors, yellow and orange, to be balanced with the nuances of ecru. It is a season characterized by the absence of constraints: the shirt takes the shape of a polo shirt or looks at oversized models, Bermuda shorts and trousers alternating with organic stretch denim. More than ever, the world of beachwear designs a journey in search of the sun: from the palm trees of Malibu to the scent of hibiscus from Hawaii, in line with a new light-heartedness. Evocative prints for a virtual suitcase.
Astorflex addresses its proposal to a consumer who is sensitive toward the environment. The choice of materials is fundamental, and the styles are timeless and without season: this is the DNA of a collection that enhances the well-being of the feet. The iconic pieces Greenflex, Driftflex, Beenflex, Ettoflex, alongside lighter proposals such as Ciabflex and Boatflex, where an extralight sole for further comfort replaces the natural sole.
Avant Toi
Characterized by the link with the world of art and research, the brand was born from the transposition on yarn and intertwining of the creative instinct of the founder who is an eclectic artist. The breaking of canons is the basis of the Avant Toi philosophy, a bridge between what is considered noble and what is not, enhancing distinctive details in opposition to the recognized standards in cashmere. Destroyed, shaded, spread, are just some of the many processes applied to the garments.
Fluid, soft, light garments; so comfortable that they glide over the body like a skin conditioner. A collection of exclusive pieces designed for the pleasure of being worn. Made of precious and exclusive materials, worked with the utmost respect for the Made in Italy craftsmanship, they start to become timeless pieces to live, mix, and layer.
Blauer Usa
The outerwear evolves through a mix of fabrics, colors, and materials. Bomber jackets, reversible rain jackets, blazers, and over shirts. Textured and garment-dyed nylon, shiny, stretch and mixed with taslan, satin with ultralight neoprene, denim, canvas, stretch gabardine. The leather is shiny, perforated, suede, and coupled with jersey. Innovative fabrics are back, such as the Repreve recycled fabric, the Thermofix heat-stitching process. And last but not least, organic, comfortable, and eco-friendly stretch denim.
Focus on the concept of Euphoria, for a new light-heartedness. With a minimalist approach, the collection combines futuristic elements and sporty elegance. A focus on individualism, with no social limitations. As always, the fluidity of genre is explored extensively, reinforced by a palette played in contrast between the blue of the skyscrapers and the white of the clouds, alongside monochromatic accents.
The new claim “Crafted to Perform” summarizes the sense of a challenge. A mission, more than a declaration. There is the legacy of artisan footwear manufacturing that is handed down; there is the Italian style of attention to technical and stylistic detail, and the history of the epic climbing feats, whose values are still a source of inspiration. But there is also openness to the world, to new global challenges and to the new generations.
Spring Summer 2022 is about a local adventure that brings skateboarding, culture, and nature under the spotlight. Consumers are rapidly evolving, navigating through new restrictive climates. Restrictions that quickly translate into opportunities, encouraging interest in self-sufficiency and the search for outdoor adventures.
Enzo Pisano
Nel mondo sartoriale fin dal 1990, Enzo Pisano ha dato nuova vita all’atelier di famiglia. La sua preziosa esperienza e la passione sono oggi elementi alla base di ogni collezione che porta il suo nome. Mentre il made in Napoli delle sue camicie mantiene inalterato il suo fascino, nuove stampe di collezione interpretano un’estate fresca e colorata.
Precious materials, experimental workmanship and attention to detail. Using lighter fabrics, Myths was among the first to make vintage-effect garment-dyed cool wool trousers. Timeless pieces are associated with casual and sporty cuts. For the summer, the protagonists are fresh wool garments, linen and all about the active world declined in neutral and vitamin shades.
Jeans born from the selection of hyper-refined fabrics (Egyptian cotton, denim with cashmere, Japanese selvedges, hi-tech fibers) combined with attention to detail (accessories, washes, prints and treatments) and a unique vocation in the jeans market. With the patent code for the personalization of the garment through initials, metals and colors.