Italian Trade Agency Special Area
Edition 102
Agenzia ICE, for the fifth edition in partnership with the Pitti Tutoring & Consulting division, supports a special area in the Central Pavilion dedicated to the YOUNG ITALIAN START UP AROUND THE WORLD project, to enhance Made in Italy start-ups.
The 6 brands selected at this edition are: Bennu, Gandhara, Le Babush, Magazzino Ricambi, 959 NINEFIVENINE, Off Play.
Brand founded by Niccolò Chiuppesi with a precise idea: recovering from the past to protect the future. From the research carried out in warehouses and stocks of unsold garments, the first collections of sartorial blazers are born: unique and numbered pieces that, once recovered and transformed, manage to combine the desire to be at the front of the process of change that is characterizing our time with sartorial tradition. The brand's philosophy is based on: environmental responsibility, social commitment, manifesto for gender identity and freedom of expression.
Men's swimwear that stand out for their original patterns in men's beachwear sector and for an entirely made in Italy supply chain. The inspiration for the patterns comes from the decorative arts: each collection has its own soul, a precise identity that places it in time and space in different places and eras. Siam, Moyen  ge, Palladio and, this year, the Silk Road. Small and large artistic masterpieces created by man over the centuries, relive on excellent quality garments made in Italy in every step: from fabric to packaging, accessories and ancillary activities to production. Only eco-friendly fabrics.
Le Babush
Babush, in Arabic, means slipper, a typical oriental slipper in leather or embroidered fabric. This is how was born Le Babush, unisex loafers made in Italy, characterized by refined materials and craftsmanship. Comfortable and attentive to detail, suitable for every look, to be original and elegant at the same time. Distinctive signs of the brand are the peacock and the klein blue color. The royal peacock is a fascinating animal native to India that symbolizes longevity, love, but also spring and rebirth. It is with such a profound meaning that the brand wants to be born after such a difficult period for all of us, raising the mastery of made in Italy and Italian creativity.
Magazzino Ricambi
More than a seasonal knitwear collection, an ever-alive archive of sweaters. It was born from the desire to bring out all the Italian history and quality. The company's claim is "we tell a true story" and by true story we mean that the quality is entirely made in Italy, from the tag to the last manufacturing process, and is entrusted to the best of Italian artisan production. To give strength and reliability to this choice, the names of all the partners are always shown on the garments. The shirts do not have a code but a progressive number that will always remain the same over time, and each garment can be made in at least 30 different colors.
An eco-design line, it consists of pieces created by recycling the seat belts of disused vehicles and innovative and sustainable fabrics. An original and versatile idea, created by the designer Paolo Ferrari who was inspired by the brand name in 1959, the year in which Volvo introduced the first seat belt on the market. A connection that, in addition to emphasizing the importance of the material used, fully expresses the values underlying the entire project, such as respect and sensitivity towards people and the surrounding environment.
959 NINEFIVENINE offers a unique series of objects characterized by a distinctive, essential, timeless style that goes beyond the seasons, represented by iconic accessories such as bags declined in the weekender, backpack, clutch and shopping models, designed for both men and women and exclusive furnishing accessories: containers and accessories for the table.
Off Play
Time Off, Let's Play. This is the motto of Off Play, a brand of sneakers for men and women 100% made in Italy with a bold and sporty character. Inspired by streetwear and the urban lifestyle, the project was born during the dark days of 2020 and celebrates the precious moments of quality and the carefree days spent with the people we care and love.
A contemporary design combined with the quality and craftsmanship of made in Italy. All at affordable prices, so that no one feels excluded. Off Play is a brand that knows how to wisely combine the craftsmanship and excellence of Made in Italy footwear with international inspirations, all at a democratic price.