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Hirofumi Kurino
United Arrows
Edition 98
Founded in 1989 by Osamu Shigematsu, United Arrows is a contemporary fashion label and high-end retailer based in Japan. With over 250 scaled-down department stores, UA sells brands from around the world in well thought out, boutique-like settings. The perfect balance of relaxed luxury, their enthusiastic sales advisors and calming decor create an inspiring retail experience.
UA co-founder and renowned fashion oracle Hirofumi Kurino is the creative director of the brand. Born in NY and raised in Tokyo, Kurino is a graduate of Tokyo's Wako University.  

With a multitude of accolades from Business of Fashion, Vogue and LVMH to name a few, Kurino is a respected name in the world of Japanese fashion.
With an influential eye, the style icon shares his personal top 10 Pitti Connect items.

Pitti Connect Picks:

Caruso (Tuxedo)
After COVID-19, many people work in their own private space but not in an official ‘office’. It leads to a more casual style. Ok, I can understand this situation, but that’s why I recommend wearing a tuxedo in a casual way. Clothing makes your spirit go high, and it is important to wear something excellent on you and step forward through any tough situation.
I remember when we wore the Boat moccasin in the 80's. It looks fresh again now.
Roberto Collina
Simply beautiful. The pattern of knitting and clear colour. And this crew neck will fit with the Caruso tuxedo and Paraboot shoe.
I like it because of the nice colour and functional design, such as the back pocket.
It has a fresh colour combination of bold brown and white.
The half sleeve shirt and shorts combine for a new style suit for post- COVID-19 ‘work in-home’ style.
Simple double-breasted suits make us feel so fresh with reduced buttons and minimized stripes.
I like the striking fresh blue colour and oversized pocket.
I like it because it looks ‘geeky’ in a good sense.
It has a ‘rock-band tour t-shirt’ feel. Funny!
Pierre-Louis Mascia
A beautiful colour combination. You can be happy when you wear it, it lifts up your soul.
Begg x Co
This ‘Fiji’ is one of Begg’s most successful and continuing items. You can wear them in Summer, Autumn and Spring too.