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Buyers Select:
Christopher Casuga
Edition 99
Buyers Select focuses on key buyers, who share their ten favourite pieces from Pitti Connect brands.

Christopher Casuga is the founder and chief operating officer of CNTRBND. A destination shopping experience with a minimal aesthetic, the company currently has 5 locations across Canada. Inspired by his travels throughout the world, Casuga wondered why certain brands weren't being sold in Canada, which led to the creation of CNTRBND in 2012.

As a collaborator, Casuga partnered with OFF WHITE and ALYX, bringing their first brick and mortar stores to Toronto.
We speak to Casuga as he expounds on his 10 favorite pieces from Pitti Connect brands.

Multi-patch varsity
I have always been a fan of a cool varsity jacket, and BARACUTA delivers here. The color combination and mix of leather and wool alongside the patches is what I find very interesting. BARACUTA has always been known for its heritage DNA and quality, so I'm sure this piece will be better in person.

Corduroy shirt orange
This is a very nice corduroy shirt. The color and fit looks like something to add to your wardrobe that would be a staple.
Ben Sherman

Short sleeve polo full button down
I love the multicolor and I find it unique to see a polo that is full button down.

Navy track top
The fit and color would be something I would wear on a daily basis.

I love them all! CROCS are currently in my rotation, so I can be as cozy as possible while working from home. Their quality and durability are what make CROCS a must-have.
Ksenia Schnaider

Patchwork flared denim pants
These pants are so good. The denim they used was very cool, using different patterns, and also I really like the flare.

Denim shearling jacket
I really love this jacket - the fit, the color of the denim, etc. I need to know where to buy this.
Kids of Broken Future

Orange bomber jacket with print
The color and print are very cool.

Leather blazer
I like how the blazer looks like it fits a bit oversized.

Clarks Originals

Wallabee low cut shoe
I have been wearing the wallabee since the 90s. The pastel colors work really well with this silhouette.
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