Jaden Smith
Special Guest
Pitti Uomo 99
Edition 99
Remixing Classic Styles, Jaden Smith Puts a Directional Spin on Fashion and Streetwear
The Collection preview is a symbol of organized rebellion within the youth. There are three looks we are currently showing and they were all designed to evolve consciousness and the way you see clothes

— Jaden Smith, MSFTSrep founder


A global phenomenon, Jaden Smith is an actor, musician, entrepreneur, fashion designer and activist based in Los Angeles. Smith’s clothing and lifestyle brand, MSFTSrep releases fashion and streetwear-inspired staples with engaging prints, including hoodies, t-shirts, trousers, and vests. 
Making its Pitti debut, the Untitled MSFTSrep FW21 collection preview focuses on three distinctive looks: a tailored suit, hoodie dress, and snow pant set. A hybrid of workwear and streetwear silhouettes, the inspiration for the garments came from a practical standpoint. Referencing snow, surf, and skate culture, the pieces reinterpret streetwear silhouettes, creating bold new takes on familiar shapes.
The super wearable suit was inspired by the design team's idea to make a piece that stood for something more relaxed than the conventionality of a traditional suit. Conceived as an outfit that you could wear when skating, hanging out with friends or going to a red carpet event, the directional piece features a cropped shirt and jacket, alongside vivid on-brand graphics that stay true to the MSFTSrep aesthetic.
The long hoodie is a fusion of a formal gown and the iconic streetwear staple. Imagine a hoodie that could be worn daily but also to a gala. The emotive piece features a bold design throughout, making for a versatile statement piece that is sure to get people talking.
The idea behind the snow suit was to bring MSFTSrep’s skate and punk references to the slopes.
A lover of snowboarding, Jaden speaks on what the sport means to him: 
To me, snowboarding is one of the ultimate expressions and experiences and I want to give people the option to look like a punk rocker if they want to. Snowboarders are some of the most stylistic people I know. The style that they have on the snow, I wanted them to also have on their clothes.
The first time the brand has produced its collection in Italy, Smith and brand co-founders, Moises Arias and ¿TÉO?, describe their creative process as ‘talking about philosophical theories on the world together, along with studying photography, and pulling from various history and science textbooks’. 
An energetic Pitti debut, the collection looks to the future, reimagining classic styles with a purposeful direction, seamlessly referencing streetwear, sports, and music subcultures.