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Stefano Ricci
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It’s All in the Details, Stefano Ricci Exudes Razor Sharp Tradition
Exhibitors Spotlight focuses on a selection of brands exhibiting at this year's Pitti Uomo, showcasing their upcoming collections and special upcoming projects.

Founded in 1972 by Florentine designer Stefano Ricci and wife Claudia, STEFANO RICCI radiates a pure ‘Made in Italy’ philosophy.

Passionate about ties, Stefano Ricci began designing the staple suit accessory at a young age. Debuting at Pitti Uomo in 1974, his unique tie designs took off globally, landing in international stores such as Neiman Marcus in the USA and Harrods in the UK. A true visionary, Stefano Ricci deftly transformed the role of the tie from a simple accessory item to a bold menswear statement piece. Fast forward to the 90s, STEFANO RICCI expanded its menswear production to include sartorial suits, sportswear, knitwear, and footwear; using the same ‘made in Italy’ ideals and sartorial tradition.

Creative Director Filippo Ricci speaks on the family-owned brands upcoming FW 21 collection:        
“We listened to the rhythm of nature, we let ourselves be guided by the colors of the chestnut trees, the centuries-old oaks, the leaves, the shades of nature. Our man, in the inner journey that accompanied him in his search for the Great Beauty of Italy, has rediscovered the most intimate and profound values of his existence. To add a new perspective to the emotion of this passage, we decided to entrust the interpretation of the SR man to a talented young photographer, Nima Benati. Our SR man has now been seen, for the first time, through a feminine perspective”. 
Based on George Perkins Marsh’s 1864 book Man and Nature, the collection lookbook relays an emotive nature theme via a sequence of photographs set in unspoiled nature. Designed for “men who love to dream but who have their feet firmly planted on the ground,” the pieces are perfect for travelers who love to walk and lose themselves in nature.
The dynamic collection imbues sartorial traditions, elevating its ideals with light, high-tech materials. All the pieces are enhanced by ultra-fine wools, such as rich cashmere and vicuña blends. The overall theme is simple: contemporary outfits made to last throughout time.
The collection drives the nature theme home through its natural palette: oak, date, mahogany, and leaves burned by the sun, alongside touches of a wise pink. Neutral tones are featured in an ultralight cashmere jogging suit, while classic-chic patterns adorn two-button jackets and cotton shirts.
Other standout pieces include trousers with a relaxed drawstring waist, featherlight shearling blousons, and a hooded coat finished with a sublime cashmere and vicuña blend. 
Considered finishing touches play a huge part within the collection. From silk linings adorned with motifs designed by Stefano Ricci to jackets finished with elegant lined details, the collection prides itself on nuanced attention to detail.


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