The Pitti Box is a tribute to the common character of our trade-shows: to be a Surprise Box, extraordinary tin-containers of ideas and innovations to open and switch from season to season, to tell the newest vibrations of fashion and lifestyle. Get ready for an "in-and-out of the box" multisensory journey, discovering the geography of Pitti Bimbo and its pavilions paced through the motions of many Pitti Boxes: starting with the INFINITY BOX, with its special selection of videos with famous characters from the children’s world, from cartoons to cinema, and drawings by international illustrators of the Bologna Children's Book Fair; the PARK BOX, arena dedicated to sharing food, ideas and relaxing moments; the SHOW BOX, a container for a series of presentations, videos and images of the most important magazines and photographers of childrenswear, and an original photographic set at the same time; then a series of functional and fun boxes such as RECHARGE and SILENCE BOX; and also the path through the big images of the exhibition OUT OF THE BOX produced by REDA, a tribute to nature and at the same time a message linked to global sustainability. In an design-set conceived and edited by the lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni.