Gruppo CFMI, which includes CFMI as group leader, fully or indirectly owns the majority of shares in: Pitti Immagine, Stazione Leopolda, Fondazione Pitti Discovery and Fiera Digitale. It also holds significant stakes in Ente Moda Italia and Polimoda, all working together to promote and internationalize Italian fashion.

Pitti Immagine
A future-forward concept curating the top products and stylistic evolutions through international fairs, events and cultural initiatives. 

Stazione Leopolda 
The location of ultra-contemporary happenings like Pitti Immagine, where events go next level. 

EMI - Ente Moda Italia 
A dedicated promoter of Made In Italy abroad, it places Italian fashion companies in the most significant international events and most promising markets. 

Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery
A culture-catalyser and thought-provoker in Florence researching and spotlighting fashion’s interactions with the most innovative artistic phenomena.

An international fashion design and marketing school strengthening the education and research that supports Florentine, Italian and international fashion industries.