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Raffaello Napoleone was confirmed in the post of CEO
— Today the first meeting was held in Florence of the new Board of Directors of Pitti Immagine which will be guiding the Company for the three-year period 2023-2026.  Firstly, the new president, Antonio De Matteis, thanked the Shareholders and declared that he was ready to develop the guidelines for Pitti Immagine that they, concomitantly with the appointments, had indicated to be their priorities: the acquisition of specific expertise and the implementation of organizational models that are coherent with the transformations of the global market and the promotional strategies of the companies; the further internationalization of the fairs and an acceleration of the integration between physical and digital; close collaboration with local entities in the complex challenge presented by the restoration work on the Fortezza da Basso exhibition venue; the diversification of the sectors of activities and the extension of the fair season with projects marked by selection, services, communication and production culture; a clear transition towards a company structure characterized by the best practices of sustainability and social responsibility. 

“In pursuing these objectives” says Antonio De Matteis “I am able to count on a Board of Directors made up of personalities of absolute prominence who, I am certain, will make a decisive contribution linked to both their individual entrepreneurial and managerial experiences, as well as the result of a joint effort regarding the strategies and general programs.  And, alongside them, we have a dedicated, motivated, high level operational structure that has led the company out of the deep crisis caused by Covid and which is now decisively relaunching the exhibition activities.  For this reason, I would also like to send my special thanks to my predecessor, Claudio Marenzi who, with such a spirit of resilience and courage, has been an inspiration and symbol, together with the other outgoing board members”.

The BoD of Pitti Immagine then undertook to make the following delegations: Raffaello Napoleone was confirmed in the post of CEO, Agostino Poletto in that of General Director.

The full Board was present: Antonio De Matteis (President), Antonella Mansi (Vice President), Giovanni Basagni, Stefano Borsini, Ercole Botto Poala, Marco Landi, Niccolò Moschini, Raffaello Napoleone (CEO), Lorenzo Nencini, Marco Palmieri, Niccolò Ricci. 
The Board of Statutory Auditors was also present with Massimo Bianchi (President), Deborah Sassorossi and Guido Ceron.
The Age of new Visions
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Fashion: new models of communication and new consumers
Florence, November 10th, 2020
11 am - 1 pm CET

Fashion: E-Commerce and digitalisation
Milan, Novembre 24th, 2020
3 pm - 5 pm CET

Fashion and sustainability
Rome, December 1st, 2020
3 pm - 5 pm CET