A special area at Pitti Bimbo for the finest publishing houses from around the world

Pitti Bimbo is continuing its collaboration with Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Together, they set up an annual competition dedicated to the world of illustration, which was presented at the last show in June. For the new show, the collaboration is bringing “The Extraordinary Library”: a truly special project and bookshop in the Central Pavilion, offering a unique opportunity to all buyers at the show.
The 100 books that Bologna Children's Books Fair has chosen for Pitti Bimbo 84 are real "publishing jewels" from different countries, ranging from South Korea to Brazil, the USA to Northern Europe, and Japan to Italy. The panorama they sketch out reveals all the special and unique richness of international publishing for children and young people.
Each book is a creative universe inviting us to experiment: new sensory opportunities enclosed within a world of extraordinary adventures and stories evoking far-off, marvellous worlds. They are illustrated books with special and unusual paper engineering, expertly perforated pages, unexpected three-dimensional patterns, and even little paper devices that play with the words. A host of little treasures just waiting to be explored!