Focus on the Middle East Area

Stazione Leopolda

Pitti Fragranze n.11 will be focusing on a market which is particularly important for the world of perfumery, the Middle East, with a talk by sector expert Shahzad Haider.  The CEO of Fragrance Foundation Arabia since 2008, Haider, who also directs the faculty of Fashion Marketing at the ESMOD Dubai French fashion university, is a recognized world authority on the perfumery scene in the Middle East, with an analytical knowledge of the fragrance market and its development, from the regional situation to international trends, especially with regard to the niche and luxury brand segment.  In his talk he will analyze the current niche perfumery market, paying particular attention to the Middle Eastern perspective, discussing the growing passion of international brands for oriental scents, and the transformation of brand positioning in terms of consumer target groups.  Interviewing Shahzad Haider will be Chandler Burr, now a regular at Pitti Fragranze and one of the world’s leading fragrance experts, an American journalist, perfume critic for the New York Times, and curator of the exhibition “The Art of Scent: 1889-2012” at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. 

Shahzad Haider serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors at The Fragrance Foundation Arabia since 2008. He also heads faculty of fashion marketing at the international french fashion university, Esmod in Dubai where he delivers lectures on fashion marketing to graduate and undergraduate students for the last four years. Graduate of economics and an MBA with marketing majors, he started his career in 1995 with core marketing assignments and progressed till then. 

Living in the Middle East since 1999, Shahzad has witnessed enthralling retail boom, emerging regional manufactures, opportunistic international brands and bling of fragrance market. His touch on the pulse of fragrance market is sharp enough to be titled as the "most resourceful personality of the Middle East in the fragrance sector" by top media agencies in the region. BBC, Al Jazzera, Ernest & Young, MBC, Gulf News, Gulf Market Review are few of the media who had one on one interviews with Shahzad on the changing dynamics fragrance market. His core competency lies with analytical expertise on fragrance evolving business and its impact from regional business scenario to international trends especially with niche and luxury fragrance brands.