the talk
Design matters in the online/offline retail”

Stazione Leopolda, Conference Room

Talking about design in online and offline stores at this last edition of Pitti Fragranze were Nicolas Cloutier - Nose Paris, Maxime Garcia-Janin - Sillages Paris, Sarah Rotheram - Miller Harris, Valentino Di Liello - Campomarzio70 and the Retail Space Designer Adriana Genro, in the Talk - A Pleasant Welcome - conducted by Julia Ahtijainen of The Frankly Speaking agency. Clients are increasingly well-informed about and up-to-date on all the latest trends in the world of beauty and the quest for truth and services. Concept stores dedicated to beauty become bona fide destinations focalized on the customer experience: Instagram-proof last generation interior design, high level research and brand selection and a series of services created for an even more beauty-addicted clientele like yoga courses, areas dedicated to meditation, Tea Bars.