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Frei Und Apple.
Edition 16
Free, cultured, unconventional. In just one word, non-conformist.
A colorful gallery of prints with full, vivid, colors selected with extreme care and applied to simple models in cotton jersey and wool interlock. Understated fabric bases, chosen for the quality of the materials and natural fibers, combine with lines that are deliberately basic so they can explode in exclusively developed and contrasting patterns and geometries. A singular and personal expression, which is free, and created by combining prints with a personal look. Frei Und Apple was first conceived in 2009 as an act of liberation from a world that its founder Carina Negrone found to be restrictive, also in terms of style: it was, and it still is today, a personal vehicle for highlighting and projecting into the future all the references, figures, and symbols characterizing the designer’s experience and lively vision of reality and elegance.

How are the prints of Frei Und Apple conceived?
The prints represent a vehicle of extensive research in a cultural context that embraces worlds that are seemingly contrasting and complementary. The references in the choices of prints are constantly evolving, but they reflect precise worlds: like that of faraway, primitive, or contemporary cultures, with even spiritual references to Oriental and Western worlds. Contrasts are the basis for the Frei und Apple identity. 

An example?
Europe, and a Central European taste that cites the great classics, between Renaissance aesthetical codes and Arts & Crafts. Geometries that merge with retro-futurism. In general, the performance arts are a great source of inspiration: not only in terms of visual references, but also the entire world of feelings and spiritual states connected to music, audiovisuals, cinema, and the body’s movement. A pathway that brings the woman who wears these prints closer to these worlds, while also evoking them in a symbolic way.

What are the main themes of the next collection?
Frei und Apple refuses the rigid concept of collections and goes beyond it thanks to the mix and match that is deliberately encouraged between the different seasons. I prefer aesthetical references to those that are strictly atmospheric. It is no coincidence that the two materials used do not have a specific season. I have many customers who wear wool on a summer’s evening and others who prefer cotton whatever the season might be. 

What is the thing that makes you the most proud of this brand?
The Vogue Talent edition that launched me in 2009…  but more than anything it is the happiness of those who say they feel they are surrounded by an atmosphere of high spirits and positive energy, when wearing my clothes: their encouragement pushed me to take up my project again.

Your first memory connected to the world of fashion? 
My grandmother and her incredible wardrobe of wonderful clothes! Some had hand-embroidered beads, the shoes were matched with bags that my grandfather had specially commissioned for her by Gucci with leather skins from hunting safaris he had gone on in Africa (awareness about hunting safaris in that era was unfortunately limited). In general, what my family conveyed to me: a taste for eccentricity accompanied by a sense of sobriety and elegance, and a sense of respect for tradition and the special beauty of times gone by.

Name an icon of style, either from the past or today.
From the past, Biba. As far as today’s icons are concerned… Maybe something has gone wrong!