The New Entrepreneurs of Taste
Edition 17
Driven by a desire to innovate, respect for traditions, and a keen focus on sustainable production and environmental care, when young people take the helm, they quickly make their mark. Here's a roundup of companies, all led by a new generation of entrepreneurs. Some started out of passion, others as a challenge, while others continued and rejuvenated ancient family stories.
Bacalini - I Cotti delle Marche
A family business, now led by the new generation, specializes in typical products of the traditional cuisine from the Marches region, like the legendary chicken galantine, pastrami, and the "RePavo" turkey porchetta.

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Bifulco Carni dal 1947
Exquisite meats are a tradition here. This tradition is carried forward by the young owner, Luciano Bifulco, with the same passion his grandfather Ferdinando had when he opened a butcher shop in Ottaviano at the foot of Mount Vesuvius in 1947. 

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Friscous Petramarè
In Lecce, two young entrepreneurs, eager to innovate but rooted in solid Salentine traditions, have created an unprecedented product. It's hard to define, but it's already gaining appreciation from top chefs. Friscous, a mix of hard wheat semolina and aromatic herbs, looks like couscous but isn't. It can be added raw to dishes for crunch, moistened for stuffing or gratinating, or used as an alternative to a first course.

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Pastificio Gerardo di Nola
A very young female entrepreneur is making waves in the pasta kingdom. At Gragnano, the Gerardo di Nola pasta factory, founded in 1870, produces top-quality hard wheat pasta. Among the must-haves are the helix and half paccheri shapes.

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Contemporary Bolognese fresh pasta, tortellini, and balanzoni. The pasta features a rough texture, top-quality ingredients, no preservatives, and, thanks to a collaboration with a research center at the University of Bologna, an exclusive processing technique that extends shelf life and reduces cooking time.

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Italianavera Sughi & affini
"A pummarola è femmena" – The pummarola tomato sauce is female, in Italian. Indeed, a young female entrepreneur runs this company, producing and transforming the best varieties of Campanian Italian tomatoes into excellent sauces and preserves. The feminine touch is also evident in the attention to detail and packaging design, like the colorful VEROPOP canned line.

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In Roncoferraro, Mantova province, five sisters united by the desire to create the best Carnaroli Rice launched Meracinque. The company cultivates 100% pure Carnaroli seeds. Using cutting-edge technology, they made the first MicroNatural® Carnaroli rice, cultivated with an innovative Japanese method that ensures the plant's health and maintains the rice field environment using micronized rock dust and natural microorganisms. The rice is then dried at low temperatures, and its packaging decomposes in 90 days in organic waste, leaving no microplastic trace.

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Founded in 2018 by Lorenzo Firenzani, this young company specializes in cultivating and processing high-quality pure saffron stigmas for special dishes. On the hills of Florence, Crocus Sativus flowers are handpicked at dawn during autumn, just like in the old days.
Trota Altura
Two young entrepreneurs, bound by friendship and a passion for the mountains, founded the first fish processing company in Valle d'Aosta. Trout, whitefish, and char: all freshwater fish raised in small farms fed by alpine springs, then hand-processed and smoked.
Salumi Lovison
An artisanal salami factory in Spilimbergo, founded in 1903 and passed down from father to son, is now managed by the Lovison brothers. The perfect repetition of ancient gestures, attention to detail, and entrepreneurial vision mark their excellence. The classics include Friulano Salami, Punta di Coltello Salami, Sopressa, Ossocollo, Sausage, and the famous Musetto Lovison.

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