Gourmet Curiosities #2
Exquisite productions for unique and special flavors
Edition 17
Our journey continues to discover the most original and surprising products across the Taste exhibition route. Among the selected companies, some produce mountain mustard, while others offer lupins. Some have created a unique flavor with red shrimps, and others have experimented with vintage apple juice.
An Abruzzo-based company specializing in producing lupins, legumes rich in protein, naturally gluten-free, and a versatile ingredient. Lupins are indeed tasty snacks but can be used in various recipes. Among their products is a paté for bruschettas, where lupins are combined with olives and capers.

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Contessa 1522
Porchetta becomes gourmet. Famous since Roman times, this Città di Castello company still prepares it with the original recipe, hand-massaged for 40 minutes, and rested for 13 hours at controlled temperature and proper humidity. Without garlic, gluten-free, and without preservatives. Available as a stub or transformed into a tasty paté.

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Enio Ottaviani
A family business in San Clemente di Rimini, in the oasis of Val Conca, continues the tradition of Romagna winemaking. In vineyards overlooking the sea, grapes of the typical Pagadebit variety mature for small and very fine productions on clay soil.
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La Mèrica
Inspired by sailors' practice of salvaging shrimp heads that break off during trawl fishing, the Colatura di Gambero Rosso® from Mazara del Vallo was created: a product with a unique flavor, accompanied by red shrimp butter and the spherification of Colatura di Gambero Rosso®.

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Società agricola Tenuta Ca' Negra
Wagyu Ca'Negra is Italy and Europe's first certified fullblood Wagyu cattle farm. This company in Veneto produces seasoned and fermented products made from the finest cuts.

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Zolla14 Organic Farm Project
In the heart of the Marca Trevigiana, eight varieties of apples and the same number of peach trees are cultivated using organic and biodynamic methods. Respect for the land and biodiversity are the foundation of the company's research and experimentation, introducing "Auro," a vintage apple juice aged in a bottle for at least three years.

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