Ladies and Gentlemen, the Cheeses
Edition 17
The selection of cheeses presented at Taste is a triumph of flavors, aromas, and shapes, thanks to the skill of the producers and the passion of expert refiners who bring genuine and exquisite bites of taste to our tables. It makes you want to try them all and discover the lands they come from because it all starts from the green Alpine pastures or the fertile plains.
Barlotti Formaggi di Bufala
Near the temples of Paestum and the sea, the tradition of Campana buffalo mozzarella has continued for over a century. From the farms in the fertile Sele Plain comes good, genuine, protein-rich milk that the company's dairy turns into mozzarella with a fresh scent of lactic ferments and perfect shapes, and into soft or semi-hard cheeses with bloomy and washed rinds.

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Bella Lodi
Making its first appearance at Taste, this aged cheese with a black rind originates from the great Lodi dairy tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. It is produced by a single ancient dairy over 100 years old, located in the Adda Sud Park protected reserve. It is the highest expression of DOP Grana Padano above the Po River border. The milk used for this excellence is milked daily directly from the nearest barn, less than an hour from the dairy. The selection of lactic ferments gives the product a unique, unmistakable taste, an intense aroma, and a full flavor that is neither spicy nor too salty.

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Caseificio Castellan
Nature dictates the production rhythms in this family facility in Rosà, near Bassano del Grappa. Since 1969, cheeses have been produced here using a slow method, adding only three essential ingredients to the milk: salt, rennet, and ferments. The milk, from cows and goats, is exclusively collected daily from selected barns in Veneto. The stracchini, sweet and creamy, represent the pinnacle of this tradition.

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Caseificio Il Fiorino
A historic artisanal dairy produces traditional Tuscan pecorinos and more between the Maremma and Monte Amiata, in prime cheese-making territory. From Marzolino to the Founder's Reserve, Cacio di Caterina to Grotta and Cacio di Venere, a truffle pecorino made with high-quality milk and Tuscan white truffle. Then, Pecorino Toscano DOP, Fiorin Blu (a blue cheese made with sheep's milk), ricottas, aged cheeses, and "flavored" cheeses.

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De' Magi – Alchimia de' formaggi
Their profession: cheese refiners. An ancient passion, continuous research, products for refined palates, high-class gastronomies, wine cellars, and restaurants. There are the Blue Cheeses, the Specials, the Strong Pecorinos, and the Fresh: all De'Magi cheeses have a name, a character, and a defined identity.

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Il Mangiarbene
Producer, distributor of rare and high-quality cheese creations, and now primarily a refiner based in Umbria. Starting from high-quality base cheeses, the company manages their maturation, enriches them, transforms them, and enhances them with other ingredients. Flowers, wild herbs from the Gran Sasso, citrus fruits, dried fruits, essences, great distillates, and fine cocoa all create high-quality aged and blue cheeses.

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La Casera
In Verbania, this is not just a simple shop but a reference name for the attention to quality and innovation rather than the brand or trends with which the owner, Eros, presents the fruit of his research. Here, the best local and national cheese production brands are concentrated. Recently, a maturation cellar and a tasting space for the best products have been added to the retail outlet.

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A historic dairy in a land of traditions, ancient "Tratturi," flavors, and knowledge. The "Pecorino Amatriciano" is produced in small batches, carefully aged following "secrets" passed down from father to son. Then there's the "Vernale," inspired by an exclusive recipe that sets production in spring and requires only a short aging.

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Luigi Guffanti 1876
In Arona, a small town in Piedmont on the shores of Lake Maggiore, rests the golden treasure of Luigi Guffanti 1876, a company that for over five generations has carried on a now rare craft, that of cheese aging. Every day, a team of experts dedicates itself to the research and subsequent selection of Italian and international cheese excellences, a selection comprising more than 250 references, starting from fresh cheeses to medium-aged and finally to cheeses over 10 years old.

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