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At Taste, Products That Are Good for Health and the Environment
Edition 17
Not just organic. Some Taste companies stand out for capturing new needs and passions, like taking care of one's well-being through food without sacrificing the goodness and quality of Italian excellence. Hence, gluten-free products are as good as the traditional ones, and 100% natural vegan preparations combine taste and lightness. Moreover, organic farming methods yield raw materials produced with respect for the Planet and biodiversity. Because self-care starts with love for the environment surrounding us, gifting us its best fruits.
Brio gluten free bakery
This small artisan workshop near Verona bakes delicious gluten-free and lactose-free cookies. Over the years, their production has expanded to include leavened goods (like panettone and colomba), dessert cakes, and miniature pastries.

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Artisanal, organic, and sustainable cookies and sweets. All production respects the environment, choosing the best natural raw materials without using additives, colorants, thickeners, or industrial semi-finished products.

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Fattoria Triboli
An organic farm located on the hills of Impruneta, in the heart of Tuscany. The team, consisting of young professionals who share a passion for olive cultivation and healthy, organic food, is working on a project that applies organic and regenerative soil agriculture practices while minimizing their environmental footprint. Among their products are 100% Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and Anacabert, high-quality vegan cheeses.

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Emporio vegetale
Strictly veggie culinary preparations and ready-to-eat dishes. Like burgers and patties made from legumes and vegetables, creams, soups, and mayonnaises, ready to enjoy as they are or used as a base for composing tasty and healthy menus.

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Marina Palusci organic farming
In Abruzzo, a family-run artisanal business that has been handling oil and wine for four generations. Their extra virgin olive oil is the ultimate expression of the variety and uniqueness of the territory with monocultivar Dritta, Intosso, and Leccio del Corno. The Cru Dritta offers a rare extra virgin oil, perfect for desserts made from at least 70% cocoa dark chocolate.

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Paglione Azienda agricola biologica
Between the Subappennino Dauno and the Tavoliere delle Puglie, this farm is a bastion of otherwise lost varieties like the Prunill tomato, a native variety from Lucera, and the Roma tomato, the flagship product of the "No Added Salt" line. These are complemented by extra virgin olive oil and single-varietal table olives, including the Nasuta cultivar. Their commitment to the land extends to wine with the Doc Cacc'e Mmitte di Lucera and pure Nero di Tero.

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Parano bio
An organic farm in Vasanello, in the heart of Tuscia, dedicated for three generations to cultivating the "Nocciola tonda gentile romana" hazelnut. Recently, they have also introduced the Giffona hazelnut. All are harvested and processed with short storage times to guarantee the highest quality.

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Pastificio Maidea gluten free
From the great pasta tradition of the Abruzzi comes a gluten-free pasta of excellence: a very short list of ingredients, exclusively Italian flours, and water from the Sorgente del Verde. Maidea's gluten-free pasta has excellent cooking resilience thanks to the slow drying method. The bronze drawing process gives the proper roughness to the pasta, allowing it to cling to the sauce perfectly. Finally, the packaging is entirely recyclable.

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