"Pitti Games" is the theme of the June shows
Edition 104
Play your game at Pitti Uomo!
"Pitti Games" is the theme that defines the style and atmosphere of the upcoming Pitti Immagine fairs in June. Play,  that's the keyword. Because it refers to a challenging but creative dimension, which is synonymous with energy, commitment, and a desire to succeed. These are the ingredients that Pitti Immagine aims to showcase through fashion and lifestyle proposals, thanks to the direction of Leonardo Corallini and the coordination of creative director Angelo Figus. This approach is evident in the advertising campaign.
The theme of 'Pitti Games' perfectly aligns with the optimistic climate that surrounds the opening of the upcoming fairs. This is why we have envisioned Fortezza da Basso as a giant gaming table, where we can have fun, take risks, bet on ourselves and our strategies, consider our opponents and partners, step out of our comfort zones, and take a few daring moves. Reflect, spread out, bluff perhaps, shuffle, mix, put down the cards. In short, games give us a lot of input, in life and in our work.

— Agostino Poletto, general director of Pitti Immagine

Checkerboard squares, the backgammon’s elongated triangles, cards, and dice inspire the disruptive graphic elements in the sets and recall the patterns of the models' outfits. While the most advanced technologies, provided by Milan’s On air studio which specializes in extended reality, enabled the creation of a high-quality video with three-dimensional and immersive effects.
I imagined that the upcoming fairs could open as an invitation to the Pitti community to play their own game. A kind of inclusive operation that - from cards to checkers transformed into graphic signs - would tell different strategies and modes. Of course, the reference to textiles is constant: checks, zig zags, and vertical lines are broken down and recomposed in the fair scenario.

— Angelo Figus, creative director