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Thibaud Guyonnet
Voo Store
Edition 98
Located in the heart of Berlin, Voo Store is a creatively driven concept space. An exploration in visual culture, the store translates a personal vision of Berlin through a selection of local and international fashion, books, magazines and art.
As Voo Store's head buyer, Thibaud Guyonnet contributes to the brand’s cohesive and innovative selects. Born and raised in a small French village, Guyonnet moved to Berlin in 2010. He joined Voo Store as an intern in 2013, before progressing to the buying team, eventually becoming Head of Buying and Creative Direction in 2018.

With a unique and progressive eye, Guyonnet breaks down his personal top 10 Pitti Connect items.

Pitti Connect Picks:

Hoka One One
I started running during lockdown and realised the importance of a good pair of running shoes!
I love how Phipps explores American visuals. Always with a raw and sexy twist.
A good pair of rain boots is an investment you won’t regret, particularly in grey Berlin.
My mum was obsessed with Barbour; my brother and I wore Barbour waxed coats during our childhood. I have the best memories of picking up mushrooms in Autumn with my mum wearing my rain jacket. The smell of the wet wax is stuck in my head.
A very good French classic, always love a good grandpa shoe. Also, the name of the shoe: ‘Thiers’, it’s a small city in France where my family is from.
Big fan of their minimal designs and leading-edge garment engineering. Buy good, buy useful.
Snow Peak
After 10 years in Germany I became a sucker for practicality. I bike every day to work and love a good vest with tons of pockets.
This 90s inspired quarter neck zip is a fantastic everyday jacket for the fall.
Their Boy Scout inspired collection was a total crush for me, I especially loved the cute foulard details.
Snow Peak
For a guy that is sensitive to cold, this cute pair of winter socks are a must to survive winter.