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Buyers Select:
Hirofumi Kurino
Edition 99
Buyers Select focuses on key buyers, who share their ten favourite pieces from Pitti Connect brands.

Known as a fashion oracle to those within the know, Hirofumi Kurino is the co-founder and creative advisor of the Japanese retail group United Arrows. Founded in 1989, the contemporary fashion label and high-end retailer consists of over 250 scaled-down department stores.
As a creative director who 'loves to use his imagination and work with his team’, Kurino has kept himself busy during COVID-19 by reading about sociology and psychology, alongside listening to his extensive collection of vintage records.
As one of the first retailers based in Tokyo to join the Ethical Fashion Initiative, we spoke to Kurino about his ten favorite pieces from Pitti brands.
Roberto Collina

Mohair camo crew neck, beautiful color mix, and simple but unique design.

Orange color G9 blouson. We all know and love Baracuta G9, but nobody had this orange version. I also liked the styling together with the checked coat.

Checked double-breasted jacket. Only Caruso can make it elegant, but not too much - simple but special.

Camo print down jacket. Nice print, looks like a school of animals. Print on rip-stop fabrics with a nice warm orange color.

Chunky black basket from Camper. I like the volume, Camper is a company with good humor in design.
Clarks Originals

Pale blue Wallabee boots. It is important to know that such a Classic company like Clarks and classic model like Wallabee can show their contemporary attitude. Actually, now Clarks is one of the best-selling shoes in United Arrows.

High-necked knit with a big collar. This new brand shows their good taste to us with fresh Ideas like a high-rise collar knit.

Buttertea shows us that sustainable products can be Stylish too. This Cristiano Mare in grey is a good example.

Fracap mountain boots are attractive because of its classic look and good making. Men’s shoes with a chunky and heavy direction.

The light denim top looks like a shirt. In the Japanese fashion market, denim jackets and jeans are up rising.
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