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“When it comes to the creation of Caruso garments, the fil rouge is the will to deconstruct, to lighten and to create new possibilities, far from the constraints of the uniform. Every piece earns comfort and agility, prompting the Caruso man to play with layering, to experiment with new combinations in tune with his lifestyle.” - di Marco Angeloni (CEO e Presidente).
Caruso prides itself on an Italian brand of playful elegance. Heralding easy pieces with a ‘sartorial soul and dynamic spirit,’ the brand releases effortless staples. Tweaking essential classics such as the blazer, work jacket, and shirt, Caruso plays with fabrics, details, colors, and finishes. The perfect way to expand your wardrobe, the brand offers an open roster of possibilities, creating a flexible rotation, designed to breathe and expand organically over time.    
Designed by creative director Aldo Maria Camillo, Caruso’s FW 21 collection reimagines the suit as a relaxed, care-free piece. Taking the silhouette out of its executive, board-room environment, the collection gives the staple style a refreshing update.

Inspired by classic British patterns, the collection features softer and more technically advanced materials. An in-depth observation of Anglo-Saxon tradition, Tartan patterns are incorporated in suit designs, adapting to its proportions, reviving them in bold colors, or including them as a playful detail peek on an inner lining.
FW 21’s chosen tones follow Caruso’s approach to color-combination. Charcoal grey is accompanied by ruby red accents, chocolate brown is mixed with the ocean green and hydrangea blue, while light grey is brightened by albino camel.                

A fusion of casual and formal-wear, technology and tradition, the collection solidifies the brand’s story of style and relaxed elegance. 

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