Exhibitors Spotlight: Ten C
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THE JUGGERNAUT presented on Monday 22 February - Live from the Fortezza da Basso
Exhibitors Spotlight focuses on a selection of brands exhibiting at this year's Pitti Uomo, showcasing their upcoming collections and special upcoming projects

Made With Precision, Ten C’s New Collection Has the Outer-Edge

After designing for C.P. Company and Stone Island, Alessandro Pungetti combined his supreme technical and outerwear design experience and co-founded the Italian menswear brand Ten C. Inspired by timeless Japanese ideals, the brand’s logo is a nod to the Kikumon, the imperial seal of Japan.
Founded on tried and tested archive silhouettes - field jackets, parkas, and anorak styles, Ten C prides itself on updating timeless outerwear designs. As a constantly evolving entity, company owner Enzo Fusco speaks on how brand development and humanity co-exist.
 "We have to change: living means evolving, growing, having new perspectives. I am concerned about everything that remains still, silent, unchanged, even though real change does not have to disrupt, but has to be hidden to be truly revolutionary. We need to review our behavior, both towards nature and human beings, and towards the planet that hosts us. Only in this way will we be able to develop our businesses better, with more intelligence and maturity, without too much anxiety. The rest will follow".

Ten C’s upcoming collection focuses on OJJ: Original Japanese Jersey. Recognized as the brand’s signature fabric, the high-density nylon and polyester blend is both windproof and water-repellent. Designed with a unique dyeing process, the fabric is finished with a worn look, which replicates the texture of denim
For lovers of expertly-made outerwear, Ten C ticks a lot of enviable boxes. With influences ranging from military apparel to workwear, the brand puts a unique slant on style tropes, incorporating elevated fits and dynamic fabrics.
For the upcoming season, the OJJ fabric is presented in a range of weights - 12 oz, 11 oz, and 9 oz, alongside a fusion of other fabrics, such as nylon.
A standout from the collection is the parka jacket series, which includes The Oversized Fishtail Parka and The Short Sniper II. An update of a traditional parka silhouette, The Oversized Fishtail Parka features a relaxed, exaggerated fit and a longer back, completing the piece’s modern look. The Short Sniper II is a shorter length iteration of the Sniper Parka - designed with an adapted military-style hood, it houses two neck flaps designed to protect the wearer's face from the wind. Loaded with premium technical precision, the pieces relay an everyday charm and enough casual versatility to support store runs and long walks.
A bold take on the down jacket, the Tempest Combo Down features the signature details of Ten C’s classic Tempest Anorak in a bonded 11oz OJJ fabric blend. Inspired by Sixties outdoor life, the jacket features large quilted squares.
The Combo Down Parka switches things up slightly with horizontal quilting, unlike the other two jackets in the Combo range. It features the same hood as the esteemed Ten C Parka, and tone-on-tone detailing, as per the others in the range.
In addition to the outwear pieces, the collection features a variety of pants, and a range of sweatshirts with dynamic fabrications, including terry wool used for military linings, and a stretch polyamide-wool blend that creates a voluminous yet light effect.
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