The neo-romantic spirit of Monnalisa

Palazzo Corsini

The Monnalisa S/S 2017 collection has an irresistibly romantic theme, interpreted in a fresh and contemporary way.

The refined laces, from grandmother’s trousseau, accentuate youthful garments like shorts and peek out from under hippy-style skirts in lightweight plissé. The bon-ton shirt, a must-have in the romantic wardrobe, is given new life with mesh collars adorned with charms. Eco-leather studs offer a soft passe-partout, with crinkled and elegant cap sleeves. The high-wasted tulip collection loses its retro look paired with small and very trendy box tops. The perfect outfit is a striking tulle skirt peeking out from under a tangerine-coloured oversize redingote, with a waste-line accentuated by a coloured plexiglass belt. The most ironic and truly neo-romantic look is characterized by shorts with a fleece top under a tulle vest. The garments feature patterns of floral inspiration (bouquets, vines, buds), but with contemporary prints like iconic bags and cult objects such as royal crowns, vintage watches, and creamy ice creams. The fabrics are cool (organza and sangallo lace), but with ottoman and damask for festive occasions. The basic colours are soft pastels, with bright lashes of colours such as fire-engine red and hot pink.