Children's Fashion from Spain School @ Pitti Bimbo

Sala della Ronda

Seven Spanish brands - BARCAROLA, BOBOLI, DESIGUAL, FOQUE, MAYORAL, TARTALETA and TUC TUC - are the protagonist of the new Children's Fashion from Spain fashion show at the Sala della Ronda at Pitti Bimbo 86.

The bell is ringing at the Children’s Fashion from Spain School. Kids pick up the pace in the hallway to get to class on time. The teacher is waiting patiently at his desk. Today there’s a design master class for the upcoming autumn-winter 2018/19 season. In the front row, the most hardworking pupils are waiting for class to start: boys with their blazers and shirts, and girls in their Glen plaid dresses and skirts. Greys, whites, maroons and blacks are the colours of responsibility on a winter’s day. A little further back, some girls whisper and let out the odd laugh. Their latest fashion style denotes their popularity. Large puffer jackets, printed sweatshirts, combined dresses, skirts with tulle details, jeans and pinafore dresses with appliqués, embroidery and metallic eyelets summarise this season’s trends. They can’t stop looking from at the athletes sitting by the window to the bad boys at the back. The first group conveys serenity with their comfortable look with warm plush in everything from basic tones to the most fun prints.

The bad boys flirt with a punk look to show how tough they are. Ripped denim in dark, faded tones, checked shirts over screen-printed T-shirts, quilted gilets and hooded sweatshirts are their hallmarks. Class is about to begin. In front of the blackboard, boys and girls take measurements and place pins on the mannequins. Impeccable patterns, fine fabrics and detailed finishes define the tradition of children’s fashion from Spain, a
legacy that keeps up with the times by combining different tones and textures, such as faux hair with tweed, Swiss dots on metallics, or corduroy with pleated ruffles. The classroom represents all their hopes and dreams. Through children’s fashion from Spain, boys and girls can project who they are. Dreams that change with each season until they find their own style and personality.
Children's Fashion from Spain is organized by ICEX-España Exportación and Inversiones, together with the economic and commercial office of the spanish embassy in Milan and in collaboration with ASEPRI, the main Spanish association in the childrens fashion and care sector.