Who Is On Next?Bimbo: the winner

Benedetta Patrassi is the winner of the Second Edition of Who is On Next? Bimbo

Here is the winner of Who is On Next? Bimbo, the competition sponsored and organized by Pitti Immagine in cooperation with Vogue Bambini and Altaroma open to new, Italian – or based-in Italy – talents in children’s fashions has announced the winner of the second edition: Benedetta Patrassi – for the prêt-à-porter project “Bubino Fatto Con Amore in Italia”– and a special mention for Giacinta Maria Massaro’s “Peridea”.
The winner will receive a prize of € 3,500, and will star in a report by an internationally renowned photographer that will be published in Vogue Bambini. Pitti Immagine may also launch programs aimed at promoting the winner and helping her with market contacts.
The members of the international judging panel - Isis Colombe Combreas, Adele Gandola, Simonetta Gianfelici, Barbara Jacomoni, Marijke Kamphuius, Valentina Pederzini and Gianni Ruggeri – chaired by Giuliana Parabiago and Raffaello Napoleone, expressed their satisfaction with the high quality of the submittals and the research content of the finalists’ collections. The other finalists were: Barbara Lachi, Du-Dù, Ediemma Snc Fashion For Kids, Le Troisième Songe, Scarabocchi di Patipò and Vichi, for the “clothing” category.
For the international panel Benedetta Patrassi's collection is sophisticated yet extremely simple interpretation of a woolen thread, from the past to the present. I the designer the ability to create a regular collection around a thread and the courage to follow one’s desires.
A special mention also to Giacinta Maria Massaro’s “Peridea”, not for a collection but for an idea. Her stickers are a way of personalizing the world around childrens. In her collection: the emblem, style, packaging and use of textiles was very interesting, and there was a special focus on the ecological-ethical aspect.
The “Who is on Next Bimbo” area, displaying the collections of the eight finalists, is located in the MAIN PAVILION, LOWER LEVEL (Salone M) and can be visited by buyers, exhibitors and journalists over the three days of the event.