OFF THE PAGE…and into the World of Fashion: kids’ fashion illustrators wanted

Creativity is in the front line at Pitti Bimbo 83. With “Off the Page…and into the World of Fashion” a new project launched in collaboration with the prestigious Bologna Children's Book Fair, in order to select and propose a team of illustrators that are able to put a new and distinct mark on fabrics and collections, creatives capable of establishing an interesting dialogue with the companies. At each edition of the project, a jury of experts will be called upon to assess the best 10 illustrators from amongst those selected following an international “call”, which will be presented in April at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and, subsequently, at Pitti Bimbo. 
From the world of publishing, here are the 10 names selected for kids fashion:
Camille Almeras (Francia), Mariachiara Di Giorgio (Italia), Tomoko Inaba (Giappone), Adriana Isabel Juárez Puglisi (Spagna), Sara Kharaman (Iran), Oskar Laurin (Svezia), Marika Maijala (Finlandia), Tomo Miura (Giappone), Chihiro Takeuchi (Giappone) e Chengliang Zhu (Cina).