KDESIGN i.e. the Kid factor of Design. There are objects that astound because of their function, their aesthetics, their shape, others because of their uniqueness: a journey into the world of design aimed at the under 10s, but not limited to them.  Useful and useless objects, furnishings and furniture accessories that shun banality: for a home that is increasingly a world where the spaces and the needs of adults and kids have merged, all for the sake of style.


The brands:

Aneluma by Imballaggi Invernizzi, Anne-Claire Petit Accessoires, Charlie Crane, Coq en Pâte, Design Letters & Friends, Design Mood, Doiy, Donkey, Fudje, Guum Barcelona, Magis-Me Too Collection, Oeuf, Qeeboo By Stefano Giovannoni, Quinny, Rabito, Zzzoolight.