pitti bimbo 84: BUYERS' POINT OF VIEW

HYUNDAI DEPARTMENT STORE, Seoul, Park, Young In, Manager:
I knew that Pitti Bimbo had great importance, but I did not expect such a fun atmosphere! The brands were divided according to the style they interpret and this made moving around the fair much simpler and more efficient. It is not all just about clothing or accessories: each stand allows you to enter the world of that particular company, to fully understand its values and image. What was I looking for at the fair? Certainly, new brands that are not sold in South Korea, but also companies we already work with, so as to get to know them better. I greatly appreciated the attention paid to living and lifestyles, elements which are now essential for all fashion content, including childrenswear. The fair has another strength: its location!  So rich in charm, it is a truly synergic position that encompasses both business and art.
DLK DESIGN LIFE KIDS (USA), Kim Wardell, Owner:
This is the first time that I have taken part in Pitti Bimbo and I was very struck by the location which is truly enthralling and characteristic.  I was looking for special new brands for my store which have a high fashion and experimental content, for this reason the sections I liked the most were Apartment and Kidzfizz.  The human side is essential: getting to know the designers personally, making comparisons, talking to them, these are really important aspects for us buyers.  Pitti Bimbo seems to me a perfect mixture between the historic companies on the international fashion panorama and those that are trying to get themselves noticed.  Also, the collections are grouped in sections so the fair is very simple to understand and easier to visit.
CHILDSPLAY CLOTHING, London, Roberta Tomassetti, Head Buyer:
I’m a Pitti Bimbo veteran! The fair is an essential rendezvous because our company is based in London and we normally work with agents: coming here we are able to grasp the real image of the brands we choose. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity for understanding how the market is faring.  What are my impressions of this edition? Excellent. I am pleased that for several seasons the KidzFIZZ section has been placed at the entrance to the fair because its guided route offers a panoramic view of all the smallest and independent brands. Although Childsplay Clothing collaborates with big companies, we are always looking for lesser known brands that are fun and fashionable. So we also find the Apartment and Super Street sections very interesting. The fair works hard to always reinvent itself, every year. From the nursery world to furnishings, the important thing is not to stop at the garment but to explore the whole lifestyle: there is an entire world to develop, and that’s what the market demands. What counts is telling the client a story. And Pitti Bimbo manages to do that really well every time!
Nancy Horvat, Buyer, Children’s Division
A well attended fair with a truly fun atmosphere that hosts lots and lots of new collections.  I really liked the location of the two fashion shows!  For this season we focused on babies, luxury, the search for European collections that are not sold in the US and Italian brands.  The Apartment section is very useful for finding inspiration and understanding future trends well in advance.  We also found some interesting brands in the KidzFIZZ section, whilst the Main Pavilion is always important because it hosts the collections by the big brands we work with and it is interesting to see their image here. An aspect that I like very much about Pitti Bimbo is that it is possible to talk to people, to get to know the person who brings life to the company face to face. The new ideas presented on the lower floor, dedicated to the world of living and lifestyle, were very interesting: this is a theme definitely worth developing and expanding even further!
Maryse Brelet, Head of Fashion Buying
Good energy - the fair is full of visitors and buyers!  We have attended many editions of Pitti Bimbo with the Smallable team and at this edition, in particular, we were looking for new designers, small, experimental brands like Scandinavian, Northern European lines, and our expectations were well and truly satisfied. The sections I liked the most were Apartment and KidzFIZZ. Excellent service and organization.

TSUM and Luxury Village, Russia
Jane Bugreeva, Head Buyer, Childrenswear Department
I have been taking part in Pitti Bimbo for nine years.  I like coming here because I can personally meet the companies with which I work and have a long-standing relationship: for me the fair is not a business trip, but a rendezvous with friends! Here I have an opportunity to meet owners and designers, to talk things over with them and this is a crucial aspect. For me the most beautiful section is the Main Pavilion that hosts the collections of all the biggest brands on the international market. The world of childrenswear is not just clothes but the whole ambient that surrounds them, for this reason I really appreciated the new sections dedicated to lifestyles like Fancy Room and the Pitti Editorials.

SHIPS, Tokyo
Mayumi Amamoto, Assistant Manager, Merchandising 3rd dept.
The atmosphere at Pitti Bimbo always changes at each edition, and this is an important aspect because it creates a dynamic ambient and an atmosphere filled with energy!  I liked the KidzFIZZ section a lot because it hosts the collections of lots of new experimental brands and they are all very interesting.The fair does not only deal with clothing and accessories but also explores the world of lifestyles and this has an important effect on its business.  Furnishing accessories, toys, everything that makes up the world of childrenswear is in high demand on the market and Pitti Bimbo understands this. In Japan we do not have catwalk shows dedicated to children, for this reason, when I come to the fair I always follow them with great pleasure: they are an incredible source of inspiration!