cinema and entertainment

in 100 books for kids selected by the Bologna Children's Book Fair

After the success of the first edition last January, the collaboration continues with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair which, this time, will turn its attention to the world of cinema.

On the Lower Level of the Main Pavilion, The Extraordinary Library 2 will provide a space for a selection of 100 illustrated books from international publishers dedicated to entertainment in all its forms: narrations and visions that tell the story of cinema and theater, the magic of ballet and opera, the wonder of the acrobatic and circus arts. A collection of books to guide the discovery of the marvels of the world of entertainment, a unique opportunity for buyers to discover volumes to enchant the hands, the eyes and the senses. A project curated by Marcella Terrusi and Silvana Sola (Cooperativa Giannino Stoppani) for the Bologna Children's Book Fair.