Magic Nights and Woody Woods
and ...“The Great Wall ...of fun!”

Two large walls-installation on the lower floor of the Padiglione Centrale, to dive-into over a sophisticated search for special objects. These are the Editorials of Pitti Bimbo, curated by Maria Giulia Pieroni, which present new worlds linked to children’ lifestyle.

**Woody Woods_
Wood as a superstar, a sign of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology. It retrieves our roots and looks to design through the creation of objects and furnishings, toys and cradles, in an embrace that refers to nature.

**Magic Nights_ Good Nights’ ritual in its different declinations, from the reassuring fairy tale to the touch of light and music. To accompany children towards golden dreams, chasing away the fear of darkness.

Plus, new for this edition: “The Great Wall ...of fun!” a new project provides the wings for the Fancy Room stage
So much attention, so much delicacy is expressed in the choices made for a child’s bedroom: we are building his or her little world and want to make it extraordinary. This is the spirit of “The Great Wall...of fun” an Editorial research project who has gathered together wall coverings on the most diverse themes, thanks to a research made in collaboration with Daisy Diaz from Baby Bottega: from robots to the jungle, from dinosaurs to Teddy bears. Rolls of wallpaper that are capable of transforming a room and evoking emotions join the Fancy Room stage.