A sea of flowers.
Next year’s SS by Mimisol

“When I think of spring, I see expanses of flowery meadows in colours ranging from indigo to yellow to fuchsia and all shades of pink. Then comes the heat of summer, bringing the lilac of lavender, the scent of the sea, the light summer breeze and refreshing shade. I think of the French Impressionists.” It was these thoughts of Imelde Bronzieri, shared one afternoon with her friend Fabrizio Sclavi, that provided the inspiration for the Summer 2019 collection from Mimisol: an illustration by Fabrizio translated into prints, a flowering sea, a sea of flowers, a floral geometry in the green of the meadows and the blue of the sea, from which inquisitive little goldfish are peeping out. It’s a versatile, eclectic collection, designed for all occasions, with dresses in printed organza or with flower appliqués, iridescent colours that evoke the transparencies of the water and gardens in Monet’s paintings; dresses, trousers and skirts with clean lines but in fine cloqué fabrics that remind you of flowers and Venetian mosaic glass; and to complete the collection, gem-studded T-shirts and fun jogging suits. The inspiration for the collection is perfectly interpreted by the video-art of Mauro Balletti, who is presenting an installation he has curated at Pitti Bimbo.