Daisy Diaz wallpapers
bring the world into children’s bedrooms

An interview with the interior designer and founder of Baby Bottega who has contributed to the new Pitti Bimbo Editorial "The Great Wall...of fun!"

 Daisy Diaz was born in Miami and has lived in Florence for twenty years (where she founded the concept store Baby Bottega). However, as an interior designer she has propelled her research to every corner of the globe, discovering new trends and, most importantly, creative and production niches. This was the approach she used to select the kids’ wallpapers that we will see at Pitti Bimbo 88, in one of the three Editorials entitled The Great Wall...of fun!

Daisy, what brought you to the world of children’s wallpaper?
As an interior designer I decided to offer parents a solution that would combine style and originality for the bedroom on an acceptable budget. This is the real function of wallpaper: to give a room added value, to make it unique for a modest investment.

From children’s bedrooms to other rooms, the world of wallpaper is expanding rapidly. What is the secret behind this revival?
It is certainly a question of trend, but it would have been impossible to follow this tendency without the incredible technological evolutions of the last few years. You can do nearly anything today: create unique pieces, personalize prints, diversify the materials. For example, today wallpaper can even be used in the bathroom.
How was The Great Wall... of fun! at Pitti Bimbo born?
From Sweden to Australia I selected wallpapers by small brands, niche producers, individual designers specialized in the kids’ target group. Behind every roll of paper there are stories and a passion that deserve to be brought to the attention of an international and attentive public like that at Pitti.
What is the best way to valorize these paper masterpieces?
For me the key is to be daring. Today wallpapers are versatile and can carry out many functions, especially in children’s bedrooms where the playful element is essential. I also propose wallpaper for the ceiling or I use it for friezes that become chalkboards. Or else I use it to decorate the doors of the closets, the back of bookcases. And I make doors disappear, possibly behind a stunning jungle. But for those who prefer a classical effect wallpaper is perfect as a focal point behind the crib.

Can you give us one advantage of modern wallpapers?
Customization. Today we can do anything, add names, dates of birth, decorations. I have even printed a musical score one mother composed for her little girl.