Originally from Athens and based in Berlin, Dimitra Zavakou is the founder of Little Popup, the pioneering concept store/lab that has been introducing sustainable fashion brands since 2012 in Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne, Brussels, Florence and Athens.

Little Popup specializes in innovative fashion events, workshops and pop-up shops to spark for a conversation about quality, sustainability and resilience. And Dimitra has been collaborating with Pitti Bimbo for years, co-curating the platform The Nest and as a brand consultant for The Kid’s Lab!.

Here, we had a little chat about parenting, fashion, and her kids having their very own YouTube channel.

Have you set up a special routine?
Some extra planning is necessary for homeschooling, but our school concept promotes independence, therefore each one tries to do their tasks on their own and ask for help when needed. Regarding my work, I am used to working everywhere with my kids around, so this has not changed.

What’s your way of organizing at the moment?
My way is flexible and it is all about adapting to the daily needs and wishes.

What do you do to keep the spirits high?
Writing, playing with my kids, dancing and of course cooking are my daily ingredients! We also try to create videos and photos for our beloved ones and this is a very fun moment that connects us.

Do you or your children have a favorite outfit to wear at home?
The kids love their pyjamas or some very crazy combinations of clothes and costumes! As for myself every day is a new day which means one day is comfortable clothes but the next can be a fancy day. Actually this is a part I truly enjoy.

Do you have any nice Instagram accounts to share, to keep the children busy?
Not really, because my kids have their own youtube account where they make tricks, music and videos to keep others inspired. So they are busy creating their own content.

What brands and accounts do you follow to keep inspired?
This list is a bit long! Always following all the brands we have presented at The Nest and The Kid’s Lab, as well as infuencers and magazines in the kid's fashion industry. However for my inspiration here are a few:



Thanks to Dimitra Zavakou

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