Children are the future of our planet just like yarns are the future of fashion, representing its spirit and DNA. It is necessary to start again from the threads and fibers in order to imagine a new course for the entire production chain.


This is where the Eco March concept was born, the new exhibition project hosted in the Ecoethic section and realized by Angelo Figus, with the set design by Alessandro Moradei.
A peaceful and playful pro-nature event will be staged, a highly colorful march of personalized placards with lively slogans featuring self-made and spontaneous graphics, inspired by kids’ demonstrations.


The placards also show the best of sustainable Made in Italy production starting with yarns, highlighting the new products of excellence in terms of sustainability and raw materials but also from a very realistic more than poetic and visionary viewpoint: by presenting sustainable solutions that are already available and can be produced, in fact, the project proposes a practical approach to imagining a new course for the entire production chain.