Karina Vigier is the founder of four magazines: KiDS Magazine and BaBy KiDS, focusing on children's fashion and childcare; KiDS RooM, a brand-new magazine dedicated exclusively to the child's bedroom; and TeenS magazine which in May will become Bôme, a fashion magazine for the new generation.
Having moved to Copenhagen, in Denmark, last November, to bring her magazines to life in Scandinavian countries, she tells us a bit about spending this time at home there, with her two daughters, Anoushka (19) and Charlotte (14).
Do you continue to work? If yes, how do you organize yourself?
Absolutely! We are a small team, almost like a family and we cannot afford not to respect our publishing schedules. Despite this health crisis, we continued to work on our projects and our upcoming issues. Always at a distance, as we have always done. From Paris, Nice, Copenhagen, London ... our small team is located everywhere, and we used to work via Skype or Zoom, even before this crazy situation.
How do you organize your days?
I'm like a conductor. My role is to distribute the scores to each member of my team. I am a workaholic: I write for magazines as well as for my blog, I manage all the photo shoots, I’m sourcing new brands, following many collaborations on our social networks, I manage a certain number of clients in collaboration with Luminita, my sales manager. And of course, I also work on new strategies, new projects…new, new, new ideas.
What do you prefer in your work?
I love words like encounter, creativity, see, discover, participate, people. Pull all that together and here is the result: The chance to encounter beautiful and very creative people. To see their brand grow. To participate all together at this nice human adventure.
Do you have any tips to give us to keep the spirits high at the moment?
Make some Tik Tok videos. I just started and there is no age to begin, you know, I’m over 50 now. It's fun, totally regressive and really addictive.
Subscribe right now! I need more likes and more followers.
Do you have a favorite outfit for this time at home?
I don't like joggers and the loungewear trend is not for me. So, I dress normally, a little more simply. But my daughter keeps saying me: Where are you going ... to a fashion show? Funny.
What positive message do you get from this situation?
It’s an unprecedented difficult time. We all suffer from it and it is unfortunately not over. But it is also a period that allows us to refocus on the essentials. Family, exchange, sharing, taking care of your family and also of others. A little empathy doesn't hurt us, does it?
What's the first thing you want to do, after this confinement?
See my dad, who is far away from me. I really want to hug him and feel his moustache scratch my cheek.
Do you have Instagram accounts to occupy yourself you would like to share?
My family has always been exceptionally important to me. This is why I follow very closely what my daughter @Pinkanoushka does. I love her universe and I think she’s talented.

So, I can only advise her feed. Hope her community will grow.