We had a little chat with this creative duo from Hooligans Magazine: Marina Ansaldo, social media and blog editor for the magazine, is based in New Jersey, has two dogs and loves anything to do with Disney; Natasscha Girelli is the branding director at Hooligans Magazine, and also art directs and consults brands within the kids fashion industry. She lives in Copenhagen with her partner and loves it when her son and his girlfriend pop by on a Sunday evening for dinner.

Are you still working? How have things changed?
Marina: We work from three corners of the world already through technology, so nothing has changed much in the sense of the way we work at Hooligans. We already put our focus on the digital experience, and the world quickly followed suit with the current situation. I think things have changed in the way that people are more connected than ever, even though we are so far apart. I notice an influx in social media activity, which has been a great way to connect with our audience during this time.

Natasscha: Of course, the isolation affects us at Hooligans, but it doesn't affect the daily work within our team. We love what we do, and it's not a limitation for us to be apart. I would rather call it a daily inspiration.

Have you started any new project or one that you had been putting off?
Marina: My mom and I have been making face masks for the people on the frontline. I've also been working on some new things in our next issue, releasing very soon!

Natasscha: I just moved into my new house, so I've been busy decorating and organizing everything. 

What have you been watching?

Marina: I love watching the American Idol and Disney movies, of course! 

What have you been reading?
Marina: I haven't started it yet, but I've been wanting to read The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger. 

Natasscha: The isolation made me reflect. Why not travel inwards instead of outwards? I am curious - that's why I am reading The Reconnection by Eric Pearl. It's about transpersonal healing and spiritual medicine. 

What have you been listening to?

Natasscha: I just love "The Flower Duet (Lakmé)" - Léo Delibes. I recommend listening to this beauty while watching the clouds pass by. 

What fashion trends are you liking for this season?
Marina: I have been loving the big headbands and overload of hair clips, even for myself. I'm also loving all the fun raincoats and unique swimsuits! 

Natasscha: I love bold stripes mixed with flowers or styled with a contrasting color. I also really like seeing more eco-friendly and sustainable collections. 

What kids' fashion brands have inspired you lately?

Marina: Definitely Peró, always a favorite. Caroline Bosmans always blows me away. And lastly, Fish and Kids, I drooled over her fall collection. 

Natasscha: Stella McCartney is incredible. I love the way she embraces both design and sustainability. Isn't it mind-blowing that the pollution has gone down 60% during the isolation? We should all switch into the new channel "Fashion never goes out of fashion" no matter what- and I am sure we will fine-tune a way together. All of us. Consumers and brands.

Any tip for switching off ?

Marina: A good way for me to switch off and focus is putting my phone on do not disturb mode, putting on some music and a face mask and I finish my current tasks. Another great way is walking my crazy pup outside; that's always an adventure. 

Natasscha: The ocean always makes me en vogue.

Thanks to Marina Ansaldo and Natasscha Girelli
Thanks to Maryline Price of Cartable