Some helpful ideas to keep the spirits high and the little ones busy. Our dear friend Violaine Belle-Croix, editor in chief of Marie Claire Enfants and #wite (@women_in_transition_ecologique) as she defines herself, tells us about her time at home, her work, her children and looking for a moment of escape.

Have you set up a special routine, for this time?

I don’t really like habits. I do what I can. I try my best to follow the children's school program and not shout at them too much.

What do you like most about your job?
Luckily, I am happy to be able to continue working, the children find my work fun and sometimes they come and help me! What I love is that no day is the same, every client is different, each Marie Claire is a new adventure!

Do you have any tips on how to keep the spirits high, at the moment?
Lili Barbery's meditation every evening at 6 p.m. is great and allows the brain some escape. Yogabymao's online yoga classes are great, too. And both allow me to get rid of the sense of guilt and to take advantage of the present moment in full awareness.

Do your children have a favorite outfit for this time at home?
Jeans + hoodies! Often, Finger in the Nose.

Is there a positive message you get from this situation?

That our planet must be saved for our children to live in peace.
What's the first thing you want to do, after this confinement?
See my family and my friends.
Do you have any Instagram accounts to share, to keep the children busy?
@sophie_de_la_rochefordiere their tutorials are amazing
@les.caracteres to have a laugh with your family
@marieclaireenfants we posted tips to stay home + some bonus content for our 10th anniversary
@benshi.fr to get some out-of-the ordinary movie ideas
@we_give_collab to boost morale and see solidarity
Thanks to Violaine Belle-Croix
Thanks to Amélie Noël
Photo credits: Marie Claire Enfants