Pitti Filati 62

A filo d'acqua

the new theme of the Spazio Ricerca

Fortezza da Basso - Padiglione Centrale

The Spazio Ricerca, the unique and exclusive project that draws fashion’s creative heads at each edition of Pitti Filati, is an experimental lab where avant-garde concepts are transformed into yarns and knits. For the seventh time, designer Angelo Figus and knit expert Nicola Miller are the talents behind the concept, project and production. Together they have consolidated the success of this exclusive lab-workshop for Pitti Immagine with a totally innovative and spectacular formula. Fittingly, the Spazio Ricerca which is a lead-in to the world of yarns as well as a trend workshop, is located near the entrance to the fair, in the Cavaniglia Pavilion.
A Filo d’Acqua- At the Water’s Edge is the title-theme of the Spazio Ricerca at Pitti Filati 62. 
It is an underwater world that comes to the surface to live in sunlight: the water, flora and faun of the sea bottom and the beach are observed and reinterpreted according to a new rule that produces abstract solutions that are far distant from common, humdrum feelings and clichés. The results are chromatic and tactile ideas for surprising yarns that replace the crystalline shine of water, the deep transparencies and sparkle of the sea, the strange architecture of creatures that are half fish, half stone, the iridescence and texture of shells, the shiny, flashing fish and the sunlight reflected on sand.
The different colors of water, corals, seashells, fish and precious grains of pearl, quartz and gold and silver dust are broken down and modified by the continuous action of the waves creating a refreshing, crystalline and vital palette.
Curated by Angelo Figus and Nicola Miller, the setting for A Filo d’Acqua was developed from a desire to take refuge in a submerged world that speaks little and hears even less: it is a world dominated only by what can be seen. Protected by esthetically perfect and reassuring nature, surrounded by the deep, soft sea – with water all around – we can only look and watch a magnificent show. 
The setting for A Filo D’Acqua replicates the effect of a great big bubble of water with everything floating inside. Luminous fish fill the space along with swarms of imaginary aquatic creatures whose steel skeletons are covered with the most innovative knitting stitches and yarns, revealing the trends for the 2009 spring-summer season.
Florence, 30 January 2008