The Cotton Museum of Cairo

Two events in view at Pitti Filati welcoming the book edited and promoted by Filmar.

Sala della Volta - Fortezza da Basso

The cover of the book The Cotton Museum of Cairo has the same colour of silt. And right from this rich mud the legendary ‘lamb plant’ is generated, whose fruit is a living lamb: this mythological creature, whose name is Barometz, symbolizes cotton plants and this book tells about its story. This was the way Marco Marzoli, CEO of Filmar –the company that has supported and edited this unique work- intended this work to be: a unique representation of the Cotton Museum of Cairo presented through a photographic reportage, that is also a special and complete work about cotton in Egypt and in the rest of the world, in fact. Egypt is the most important producer of cotton in the world, and Italian manufacturers have always  looked at the way this excellent material can contribute to the highest quality of textile products. Through this book Filmar pays a tribute to Egyptian cotton and to its country, as a sign of gratitude that also stands as an effort of promoting and diffusing important cultural values that would contribute to give birth to a new collaborative economy. In order to celebrate the publishing of this work, Pitti Filati has organized two special events: on Wednesday the 3rd of July there will be the opening, in the Sala della Volta at the Fortezza da Basso, of an exhibition that will last until the end of the fair, while on Thursday the 4th of July there will be an afternoon cocktail party inside the Limonaia area of the Palazzo Congressi of Florence for the presentation of the book.