PLAY, the new Spazio Ricerca

Fortezza da Basso

Evolution and change are the intrinsic features of the Spazio Ricerca and the Fashion at Work area which are the fulcrum of all creative expression at the fair. The Spazio Ricerca is the experimental observatory where trends are analyzed and launched, and at Pitti Filati 74 with Play as the title-theme, it will explore play as an active, driving attitude. Play is a tale that goes from theater to sport passing through “worlds” that are apparently different and distant but actually share the same energy of acting. The leitmotif is the mask: masks for the face and masks for the body. From mimes to shadow pictures to dressing that becomes a personal work of art, to considering fashion as a free, individual choice that makes each of us unique – museum pieces, or almost. Presented under the artistic direction of fashion designer Angelo Figus and knitwear expert Nicola Miller; setting by Alessandro Moradei.