MAKE IT, the new Spazio Ricerca

Evolution and change are the intrinsic features of the Spazio Ricerca, the fulcrum of all creative expression at the fair. The Spazio Ricerca is the experimental observatory where trends are analyzed and launched, and at Pitti Filati 77, the season’s title-theme MAKE IT will celebrate the concept of skills and crafts. It presents a journey through the history of mankind, looking at objects that have survived through the ages. Not only important design objects, but ordinary, commonplace, everyday things in which craftsmanship becomes one with need and knowing how to make do. This is not a trip down memory lane: the “itinerary” starts from the basics, from the roots, to reach the contemporary mode of producing by traveling through atmospheres related to specific crafts that will influence the way we conceive of – and understand – products for the 2106/17 fall-winter season. “Don’t throw it away, repair it”, “Acquire a history, make an item unique” are just an example of the season’s leitmotifs. Presented under the artistic direction of fashion designer Angelo Figus and knitwear expert Nicola Miller; setting by Alessandro Moradei.