the new SPAZIO RICERCA will be in HALL M

New Location: Salone M

The Pitti Filati Spazio Ricerca, the fair’s creative lab/workshop and experimental observatory where the coming seasons’ trends are analyzed and launched, will be showing off a new, more potent formula, and will do so in a new, strategic location: Hall M. The theme for this season is THE HUMAN EDITION. In a general climate characterized by a lack of clear direction, where everything seems possible, 2018-19 FW season will put man, that is us, with all of our most natural needs at the center of attention. It is a concept that will be implemented through important and autonomous decisions. The exhibition-research project is unique, and it will be referenced by other areas of the fair. Artistic direction by fashion designer Angelo Figus and knitwear expert Nicola Miller; setting by Alessandro Moradei.

The great MASTER who points the way is the inspiration for a group of colors and items that are beyond fashion: bold and comfortable shapes, meticulous finishes and without any references to styles or periods whatsoever. These are the new classics.
A profound feeling for HUMANITY characterizes the next winter season: “humanity” in the sense of a genetic and cultural heritage handed down from our ancestors, that speaks of colors, shapes, and techniques. The shapes are soft, comfortable, subtly anatomic and organic and are made of warm, embracing fibers.
Pure, “wild” NATURE offers gifts of great organoleptic value and extraordinary colors. Wildflowers and plants are the inspiration; unique experiments on uncommon plant fibers that can have important beneficial effects on both mind and body.
MOTION is an integral part of communication. The sense of motion and the fusion of the brightest and complementary colors inspire lightweight and layered knits, where colors are created by these ethereal overlaps.
A REAL sense of color conditions our choices as a reaction to the excessively artificial creations or visions that dominated the past few seasons. Primary colors are revisited and reinterpreted in a deep and material sense, with a preference for natural finishing treatments, dyeing process and raw materials.

EATING sensibly is becoming less a matter of fashion and more of an issue of educated nourishment, a choice tied to specific preferences that combine the desire for wellness with sustainability. The theme paves the way for new color experiments on fibers to develop yarns with a green core.