Paolo Todisco, CEO, Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia:
Definitely a positive edition. The European markets were all particularly present, together with the Japanese market. We had an excellent meeting schedule and worked really well. In general I noticed an even higher quality of the proposals, a tangible sign of the commitment of all the companies. Pitti Filati is the Made in Italy fair and is constantly growing in terms of research and innovation.

Chiara Bianchi Maiocchi, President, Lanecardate:
You can’t miss Pitti Filati! The edition dedicated to winter yarns is crucial: we registered excellent attendance at the stands, we had made lots of appointments. The clients are increasingly demanding so keeping ahead is important. There is ongoing research, the seasons are getting longer and the fair is even more a consolidated event capable of providing support on all fronts, offering ideas and innovation. The Feel the Yarn party at the Serre Torrigiani was wonderful. 

Raffaella Pinori, proprietor, Pinori Filati:
Pitti Filati is a dynamic fair, at every edition it offers a calendar of interesting initiatives and projects like the new Sustainable area which was very good. In general I noticed a pleasant return to patterned yarns, a renewed desire for color and original proposals. I was pleased with the movement registered in our stand, we had good attendance especially on the part of Russian and Asian designers.

Romina Marchese, employee, Alpaca del Perù:

This is our fifth edition and I am really satisfied! We have an Italian designer with whom we have created highly appreciated summer collections with combinations of alpaca and silk or linen: in this way we have demonstrated the versatility of alpaca and finally managed to assure the loyalty of a vast range of clients. Our target for the fair was both Italian and international, with the European and American markets in the front line. 

Alessandro Bastagli, President, Lineapiù Italia:

A beautiful atmosphere and an edition in line with the numbers seen last year. I am satisfied.

Davide Barbieri sales director, Shima Seiki Italia:

Pitti Filati is a key rendezvous for both the Italian and international market, embodying a moment of encounter with clients and an opportunity to make yourself known. Starting with fashion we have amplified our range by moving into the medical, furnishing, sport and automotive sectors: I think it is important to constantly stimulate the clients, showing new production processes. The fair represents a very important opportunity for visibility on all levels.

Martina Pini, proprietor, Maglificio Pini:

A fantastic edition! We have returned to Pitti Filati after a few years and weren’t expecting such a big response as this. We noticed an even greater international presence and registered many new interesting contacts.

Antonella Boari, weaving laboratory manager, Comunità San Patrignano:

A truly positive edition. We met interested and well prepared clients, it was very concrete. Pitti Filati is an important moment for confirming a collection’s potential, an opportunity for making contact with our suppliers and a chance to find new clients. The quality is always very high and the ideas provided by the Spazio Ricerca are always exciting. At this edition I noticed an even more international attendance.

Filippo Bracci, proprietor, Feel Blue:

A great opportunity for visibility and contacts both in terms of suppliers as well as extending our client network. We registered excellent attendance at this edition which was even more international, and I appreciated the expansion of the areas on the lower level of the Main Pavilion for the Customeasy section, really welcoming. Efficient organization as usual.

Roberta Pecci, proprietor, Pecci Filati:
Pitti Filati is the sector’s only real fair. We registered excellent attendance and a positive reception for the collection which is based on innovative raw materials, attention to sustainability and bright colors. The areas dedicated to trends have been increased and improved: I am referring to the Customeasy, Sustainable and Spazio Ricerca sections, truly original and done well. 

Federico Gualtieri, proprietor, Filpucci:

An edition in line with our expectations, I am very satisfied!

Massimo Marchi, proprietor, Marchi & Fildi:

Pitti Filati is the key fair for the whole knitwear world fortified by excellent quality and an assuredly international attendance.

Stefano Borsini, proprietor, Manifattura Igea:

An extremely pleasant edition. Great international attendance, particularly of Russian, American, Chinese and Japanese companies. I really enjoyed this episode of Feel the Yarn and the new Sustainable project, I hope it represents the beginning of a new journey. The Spazio Ricerca is always original and really exciting.

Masaki Sato, President, Sato Seni:
I have been taking part in Pitti Filati for thirteen years! It is undoubtedly the sector’s best fair: here the clients are attentive to quality, the composition of the yarn and not just the price. The public manages to understand the distinctiveness of our yarns, feminine and out of the ordinary. I was very satisfied with this edition; we registered a great international presence, particularly of French, Italian and English designers. For us Pitti Filati is confirmed as an essential rendezvous.